Local Meg Weidner’s film Best Mom wins Best Family Film at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

“I am so not the Best Mom,” says local resident Meg Weidner, despite the fact that she has written, produced and starred in her first feature film entitled “Best Mom,” which recently won Best Family Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. The film was shot locally in Laguna Beach and Orange County.

Most, if not all mothers, will completely relate to not being the best mom. Adult children often recall some grievous deed on their mother’s part – for example, a certain son recalls how he, at five years old, was dressed as a bunny for a party, when he had dreamed of being a tiger (unbeknownst to his mom at the time). 

The photo, below, of Meg’s daughter, suggests similar trauma in the child’s life.

All is revealed in the movie.

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Not a happy pup

“Best Mom,” Weidner explains, is the journey of one mom wishing to have a better connection with her daughter at a time when her daughter just wishes she had a different mom. 

Through trials and tribulations on the work front with her mom (played by Donna Mills), and in an Improv class taught by her husband’s ex-girlfriend (Krista Allen), Weidner’s character, Addy, discovers that both motherhood and Improv are failure-based art forms. 

Art imitating life, life imitating art – much of “Best Mom” draws on Weidner’s personal experience raising a precocious, loving and soulful daughter. 

Weidner says that her daughter is the one person she aspires to be like when she grows up. 

Indie filmmaking mirrors motherhood: “full of emotions, obstacles, setbacks and comebacks”

“Indie filmmaking is full of emotions, obstacles, setbacks and comebacks. It’s what I like to call a ‘beautiful journey’,” Weidner says. 

Of all the challenges Weidner had to overcome in the making of “Best Mom,” self-doubt was by far the greatest. Making the film in spite of this major obstacle is Weidner’s personal success as well. 

Weidner had a short film, “Mission Disconnect” in The Newport Beach Film Festival in 2016. Here she met Kuang Lee, the writer and director of the feature film “Buddy Solitaire.” 

After several conversations and script rewrites, Weidner and Lee decided to go full steam ahead and make “Best Mom” with Leann Lei attached as the producer. Lei has become Weidner’s personal rock and guiding light. 

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Meg and her daughter 

This dream team put together a stellar cast and crew that brought Weidner’s words to life far beyond her wildest dreams. Weidner cried at the first table read and again two weeks later when filming was halfway complete. 

Now another dream has come true and “Best Mom” has won Best Family Film at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. 

Donna Mills won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Weidner’s mom. It is screening Sat, Feb 24, at LA Live Regal Cinemas. In full disclosure, this is more a PG-13 Family Film. 

Looking to support indie filmmaking

Weidner’s hoping to gain a following for “Best Mom” on social media and help support indie filmmaking. 

“Helping build the social media is a major component of indie filmmaking that often gets neglected because of budget restraints,” Weidner says. 

Once the Facebook and Instagram pages build to 5000 followers, Weidner will make a sizeable contribution to The Make A Wish Foundation to help make more dreams come true.  

“I’m so not getting ‘Best Mom of the Year,’ but I sure am having fun failing up,” Weidner says. 

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