No Square Theatre brings Access Excellence program to young vocalists in preparation for auditions

Get cast with Access Excellence! No Square Theatre is bringing expert advice to young people who plan to audition for any kind of singing role. Children and teens ages 11-18 now have affordable access to instruction and the “inside knowledge” of successful professionals in theater entertainment thanks to a new program, Access Excellence. The program consists of two opportunities – Square One and Square Two.

Learning how to audition well is the secret to success in musical theater. Casting decisions are sometimes based on factors you can’t control (age, height, vocal range), but consistently good auditions and call-backs are the key to long-term success.

No Square rehearsal

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Courtesy of No Square Theatre

Student rehearsals

SQUARE ONE: The vocal audition

Who’s teaching? Respected professional entertainers and educators with decades of experience in the industry from L.A. to Broadway and around the world: Bree Burgess Rosen, Roxanna Ward, Ella Wyatt, Sabrina Harper and Susan Geiser.

How long is it? Twelve hours of instruction (six two-hour classes), beginning November 1, plus two performances on December 10. The performances will simulate actual audition experience and entertain friends and family.

What does it cost? $50 (scholarships available).

How do I prepare? Sign up at and attend classes. They’ll provide the rest. 

What will I learn? 

–A great song for you to use at auditions. At the first class, they’ll help you figure out your range and match you up with an audition piece. You’ll be provided with the sheet music and a rehearsal recording of that song so you can come to the next lesson prepared to work on it. 

–Confidence that comes from knowing the procedures, vocabulary and what happens in an audition, as well as the tools to present your best self. 

–How to choose audition pieces in the future, for any show role. What vocal material shows off your skills? Age-appropriate lyrics, ballad or upbeat, character or specialty songs, standard, or less well known? Learn how to select the right range and style for each show and role. 

–What to know about your material’s source, composer, lyricist and performance history. 

–Audition etiquette. How to dress, stand, slate, enter, exit, take applause and direction, prepare and present material to an accompanist (or secure an edited audio track). 

–Some basics of singing, dance, acting as applied to the musical audition. How to interpret lyrics and correctly use phrasing and dynamics to present the most important element of a vocal audition: Telling the story. 

–How to use character voices to cover range challenges, protect the instrument and support strong acting choices. 

–How to warm up, improve memorization skills, and care for the vocal instrument and body.

–How to talk the talk with accompanists and musical directors. Sight reading at your call-back, music fundamentals. 

–What to expect and how to plan for call-backs. 

–What’s expected in a résumé. 

–How to do homework and research for auditions: Breakdown, find sheet music and accompaniment tracks, edit charts or tracks to requested length (32 bars, 16 bars, for example). Basic audio editing for audition purposes (with Audacity software, provided). 

–How best to add to your repertoire of audition and performance material.

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no square vocalist

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Courtesy of No Square Theatre

Vocalist rehearsal

SQUARE TWO: The remote audition

Additional help with self-recordings for remote university and scholarship submissions. 

–How to present a quality video, appropriate for university and scholarship applications when requested. 

–Students with performance experience or who have completed Square One. 

–You rehearse your selected song, scene, or dance over time, and schedule a date and time to return to the theater with a deep understanding and polished interpretation of your material. Their directors will then help you polish and record your submission. 

–This support is available to any student seeking higher education in any musical theater discipline: Dance, acting, or voice. 

How long is it? 

Approximately two hours, as needed to create your best video.

What does it cost? This is a free support service provided by No Square Theatre to the community. 

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No Square Theatre is located at 384 Legion Street, Laguna Beach. No Square Theatre is sponsored by lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach, Patrick Quilter, Dorene & Lee Butler Family Foundation, Yvonne & John Browning, Chris Quilter, Rotary Club of Laguna Beach, FOA Foundation and Laguna Real Estate Charitable Assistance Fund. 

Access Excellence is made possible by a grant from the City of Laguna Beach.