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Letters to the Editor

Council decision more than a bump in the road for many Laguna Beach residents

If a speed hump can get approved on the only road entering a box canyon, on a critical evacuation route, where more than 500 residents live, then it can be approved just about anywhere in Laguna Beach.

Case in point, the city manager chose to add a request for a speed hump on the 800 block of Bluebird Canyon Drive to the January 24th City Council agenda. This item had been raised in the past and denied when all facts became understood. 

This time, residents in the impacted neighborhood were not given notice until days before the meeting and many never saw the notice. The two vociferous neighbors wanting the hump were informed weeks earlier by a city councilmember who was championing the idea. They took that advantage and lobbied hard to our city councilmembers while the other side didn’t even know it was up for discussion.

Unfortunately for the 500 plus impacted residents whose voices were not heard, it worked. 

Also alarming was the fact city councilmembers disregarded comments from the Fire Chief, Police Sergeant, PTC and Public Works who were not supportive of adding any speed impediment to this particular road. The city’s own speed hump guidelines were also largely ignored.

As it stands now, residents in the impacted area feel the process was very unfair and plan to fight the installation as this decision would impact their lives in the event of an emergency.

Craig McKessar 

Laguna Beach

Laguna supports Ukraine

It’s hard to believe Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine began a year ago this month. Since then, millions of Ukrainians have left their homeland, hundreds of thousands have been wounded or killed and yet, despite all their military disadvantages, Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces have been relentless in their fight for freedom. 

Here in Laguna, many people quickly stepped up last year to voice their opposition to the war in Ukraine. First, there was a gathering adjacent to city hall. Second, there was a vigil on Main Beach. And third, there was a fundraiser at the museum. Each event had an impact on friends and neighbors in town.         

Now that the war is heading into the second year, the issue is this: How much longer will the fighting last? No one really knows, but this much is clear: Americans coast to coast support Ukraine’s desire for peace and democracy. I’m glad so many people in Laguna agree.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach


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