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Letters to the Editor

No regrets!

I want to offer my respect and congratulations to the Tuesday night winners of the Laguna Beach City Council race. To Mark Orgill, Mayor Sue Kempf and Alex Rounaghi, I know you will each do good things for our community.

When I was woken up Wednesday morning at 5:45 a.m. by my two boys, I was reminded of my high school soccer coach and his pre-game pep talks. Prior to each game, he would huddle with the team for his rah-rah speech. He would start with strategy, move on to tactics, add some grit and close with his signature of “NO REGRETS.” Meaning, you only regret the element of the game that you choose not to do. At the time, it was about setting your mind right to play the game. 

Yet this lesson was more than just about playing a soccer game. It was a moral message, about a mindset that when in life you make a choice to do something, you do it to your fullest, and about understanding the distinct difference between those two choices. Because when you do something to your fullest, whether you’re successful or not, you will leave the field with “NO REGRETS.”

To my family, friends and the Laguna Beach community, I thank you. I want you to know I am proud of my efforts and experiences throughout this campaign season. I am appreciative of those who supported my campaign, from the start to the finish, or anywhere in between. I am grateful to have met so many wonderful residents and to have shared in positive discourse about our town’s future. 

I have been encouraged that I conducted my campaign independently without attachments to political parties or PACs. I had a message for focusing on families and for bettering our community. I am satisfied, through my campaign, to have brought family-focused concepts back into our small-town political arena.

So, with that I can say, I have “NO REGRETS” for putting my all into this campaign! 


Louis Weil 

Laguna Beach


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