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Letters to the Editor

Judie Mancuso has list of accomplishments to stake her campaign on

For years Judie Mancuso has been a shining star in her tenacious work to help improve our environment, and on the forefront as an animal rights activist. Her record of passing legislation speaks for itself. Although perhaps some residents aren’t listening or really don’t care. And their lack of insight and compassion are problematic for us all, and those creatures who have no voice and suffer in silence.

Judie’s accomplishments are stellar. Here are the facts:

1. Do you like dining on the patio with your animal companion? Thank Judie for that.

2. Do you believe that animal control should be able to rescue animals trapped in sweltering cars? Thank Judie for getting that legislation passed.

3. Because of Judie, California was the first state to ban commercial and recreational fur trapping. Thanks to Judie.

4. California has banned the cruel use of parading and exploiting wild animals as circus props. Thanks to Judie.

5. It is mandated that plant-based meal options are available in California hospitals. Thank you, Judie.

6. Cosmetics sold in California cannot be tested on animals. Thanks to Judie.

7. The onerous puppy-mills can no longer sell their victims…dogs, cats and rabbits…to pet shops in California. Thank you, Judie. 

I am grateful and excited to support Judie Mancuso, and when she is elected, I look forward to all her future accomplishments. What a treasure Judie is.

Jahn Levitt 

Laguna Beach

Measure Q backers trying to protect integrity and beauty of town

To those who are still wondering how to vote on Q, I would ask you to notice who has what to gain. It doesn’t take much investigation to see (read the small print on those flyers) that most of the NO on Q literature has some connection to developers. It’s pretty obvious what they have to gain. Try as hard as you can, you can’t see what we YES on Q supporters have to gain monetarily. 

Almost universally we are trying to protect the integrity and beauty of our town. I’ve already voted YES on Q because I want to protect this unique town from becoming simply another tourist-serving venue, losing much of its charm in the process. I urge you to join those of us who love our hometown with no expectation of personal gain. 

Rosemary Boyd

Laguna Beach

Jerome Pudwill – Why I’m running for City Council

As a candidate for City Council, my platform is straightforward: I want to preserve the quality of life in our beautiful seaside village and restore residents’ rights. 

This election will be one of the most important in Laguna’s history. It will determine how much residents value honest and transparent government, and how much they wish to protect Laguna’s charm from overdevelopment.

The concerns have never been more real. Currently, Laguna is unprotected from overdevelopment. And developers are intent on transforming our resident-oriented community into a tourist attraction.

Developer PACs are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – mostly on massive amounts of misleading and dishonest advertising designed to defeat resident-serving measures and to elect three of the four development-aligned City Council candidates – which would allow them to retain their controlling three-to-two pro-development voting bloc at City Hall.

This City Council voting majority can override any City building ordinance for size, height, intensification of use or parking requirements. Once a decision is made, it’s irrevocable – just as has been seen in Dana Point.

Further aiding overdevelopment – the City Council majority has appointed many pro-development members to the planning department and design review board. Plus, they’ve helped craft a Downtown Specific Plan that’s stripped away many safeguards and allowed for drastic changes to Laguna’s character.

These threats are precisely why Measure Q’s proposed building standards came into existence.

If developers succeed now, you can be sure to see more, bigger, view-blocking buildings, and more tourists, traffic, parking structures, bars, restaurants and DUIs. We already have 6.5M visitors annually, 65 downtown bars and restaurants and 109 on-sale liquor licenses. Plus, the highest DUI rate per capita in the state. 

This is all great for businesses, but it does nothing to enhance residents’ quality of life. 

Meanwhile, there’s been a dramatic push-back on transparency and residents’ participation at City Hall. One councilmember has been allowed to verbally attack, abuse and intimidate residents at Council meetings to the point that many will no longer speak. 

When 50+ residents protested the purchase of the $2.7M Ti Amo restaurant site as a fire station, the three-to-two City Council completely ignored them and bought it without an appraisal or feasibility study – which would have shown the site was too small for a fire station. This site still sits vacant.

The City Council’s attempt to purchase the library with a purposefully buried clause to possibly tear it down for a business-serving parking lot is deeply disturbing evidence of how little residents are respected.

Laguna needs a change, and the best way to restore balance to City government is to elect candidates who are not beholding to developers or special interests.

As for me, I’m not a developer, a commercial landlord, a REALTOR®, a business owner, or a developer-backed politician.

While I support the business community and compatible development, I also believe in a “residents first government” – negotiating in good faith, with full transparency, and with fair and equal treatment for all.

In these endeavors, I promise to do my best. I ask for your vote.

Jerome Pudwill

Candidate, Laguna Beach City Council

Peter Blake’s knowledge of business earns my support

Given what I have read, seen and been informed of by certain people in this town, I will gladly vote for Peter Blake – he understands the business world, unlike the four candidates that I do not support – I also support Alex and Sue with Peter. 

We cannot allow a certain group and its subgroups to have a position of strength on our City Council. From attending all those city council meetings over the many years – when they have been in power it seemed as though very little was accomplished. With Sue, Peter and Bob so many projects long neglected over the years finally made some headway – with Alex on their team we might be able to catch up on the years of neglect. 

Ganka Brown

Laguna Beach


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