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Letters to the Editor

Steps to beach need repair prior to the city’s acquisition

I doubt any of the city engineers have walked the steps from the bridge at Aliso Circle down to the beach. Prior to the purchase of the beach, city engineers would be advised to walk the steps with OC Parks and identify the repairs that need to be made. 

This includes the bottom of the steps which were washed away and damaged during winter storms (now covered back up by sand). 

My older brother, Ron Sizemore (turning 78 on Oct. 8th), still walks the steps to the beach for daily swims. Many old timers in Laguna will recognize Ron’s name as the “Iron Man of Brooks St.,” for a number of surfing trophies he has won at the contest. 

Ron is a Vietnam veteran having served with the 9th Infantry in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam and exposed to Agent Orange. He now suffers neuropathy in his feet, so (now) hikes down the steps with a hiking stick.

With the current disrepair of the steps by the county and by the City of Laguna not requiring the county to repair the steps, the City of Laguna (taxpayers) will bear the burden of any injuries incurred walking down. (Yes, it is public access to walk the steps and cross over the bridge. True local Laguna knowledge of S. Laguna locals.)

As I mentioned prior regarding storm damage to the steps, I sent numerous pictures and emails to OC Beaches & Parks with a cc: copy to Kelly Boyd who was still on City Council at the time. Kelly and I had virtually no success in getting the county to repair the steps...other than OC Beaches & Parks sweeping them off!

Mr. Tracy Sizemore

(former Laguna Beach Lifeguard)

Laguna Beach

Voting should start with Mayor Sue Kempf

As the only woman running for City Council, I urge everyone to use one of their three votes for Sue Kempt. 

We actually could use more women, but unfortunately no one has stood up to take the baton as well. Sue is pragmatic, listens to everyone, and knows her priorities – she does not waste money on “studies” or “consultants” as has been so prevalent in the past. She is smart enough to figure out what is needed in this town, evaluates options, and as far as I am concerned, has made many excellent decisions most often resulting in positive outcomes. 

I hope she wins and hopefully has the enthusiasm and determination to run for a third term as well. Let’s keep Sue on City Council, vote for two more candidates who will focus on what is needed for the city, and keep us, the citizens, in mind as they take on the remaining issues. 

Please do not believe what you hear about these pragmatic candidates from people who have their own agenda to serve themselves and their friends. That is not how our town should be served. 

Ganka Brown

Laguna Beach

Let’s restore Council so that character, morals and ethics count

Just drive through Laguna and you’ll see Peter Blake’s campaign signs plastered on almost every vacant store front in the city – a true testament to what he has NOT accomplished in his past three years on City Council. Sadly, there are more vacant retail stores and offices in this city than ever before. 

But rather than list what Peter Blake hasn’t accomplished, I’d rather focus on his successes. Peter Blake has succeeded in derailing almost every City Council meeting with his lack of civility, divisiveness, arrogance and a total disrespect for the process and his fellow members on CC. He has succeeded in insulting, intimidating and demeaning anyone who doesn’t agree with his point of view. And now he would like you to vote him into office for another three years of verbal and emotional abuse? 

I fear that there are many Laguna residents who have gone about their daily lives with little or no exposure to Peter Blake’s foul mouth and bully tactics. To you, I say, ask around. Do some research. Let’s restore City Council to a collaborative, productive group of dedicated individuals who respect the process and the city’s residents.

Character, morals and ethics count!

Terry Meurer

Laguna Beach


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