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Letters to the Editor

Concerned with candidate Weil’s take on certain groups of people

After listening to a number of council forums, some statements made by candidate Louis Weil are chilling.

He has claimed to “tolerate” homeless people, rather than being sympathetic and understanding of their individual plights. Weil constantly refers to protecting his children from that “unsavory” element. Yes, it is too often we hear profanities in public, but they’ve become part of our lexicon, the dumbing down of America. That doesn’t mean we approve of them.

I have two grandchildren, and the anger and ugliness we hear oftentimes expressed by homeless people is frightening.

After I cross the street to protect my kids, I take time and use that opportunity to explain that there are different causes for people to behave with unwarranted anger and pain. We are thankful for opportunities we have, our achievements, and we try and understand that for whatever reason, some people may be forced or chose to live and sleep on the street and eat out of garbage cans. 

And so, a dialogue begins.

I also heard Mr. Weil state that “old people are ok.” Was he referring to his in-laws, the MacGillvrays, Mr. Joe Hanauer, the Shopoffs, Mr. Honarkar, Mr. Ray, Mr. Goldstein?

Perhaps at the next forum, Mr. Weil might clarify which people he considers both “old” and “okay.” What about we who are becoming “less young?”

Jahn Levitt

Laguna Beach

Lauding Marrie Stone’s coverage of the forum

Brava to Marrie Stone! Her transcription of the September 10th City Council Artist Forum was informative, clear and a boon to voters. As one of those who have attended each of the City Council Candidate forums and tried to madly capture each candidate’s messages and quotes, it was a relief to read this accessibly organized transcription. Thank you for including it in the paper.

The only two things missing were some comical moments, such as CC member Blake’s suggestion for the Laguna Art Community to get rid of the use of the word “festival” (watch out Cannes Film Festival!) and his put-down of Candidate Orgill’s past artist work/live space housing. Candidate Orgill’s closing remarks about how his one-year free artist housing project helped launch a local artist/developer, Louis Longi, did create laughs.

Well done and thank you for this service to the community!

Deborah Laughton

Laguna Beach


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