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Letters to the Editor

Tom Johnson just isn’t listening

I guess we now have a publisher who loves controversy. Despite all letters of disapproval of him headlining his opinions, he doesn’t care. He was the moderator of the candidates forum and yet instead of remaining neutral, he has to plug a candidate. 

Peter Blake has been a disruption to the city council since he took office. His outbursts have been censored and his behavior has been embarrassing and demeaning. When Tom said, “except for one little muffled outburst” he was on point. Is this equivalent to “one minor little assault otherwise he’s a good citizen?”

Tom, keep your personal opinions to the editorial page where they belong. 

Marcia Sanserino

Laguna Beach

Let’s have a little respect for those running for office

This is becoming a very strange year politically – even in Laguna. Some people perhaps are anticipating their “friends” are going to lose, so they are going around and trying to do their best to either destroy signs or alter them for those who oppose them. What a stupid reflection on them – we all know who would do this – opposing people. 

So why not try to bring a little civility instead of stupidity – show that you understand how important it is to respect election signs.

Ganka Brown

Laguna Beach


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