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Letters to the Editor

Vandals deface political sign for upcoming issue

I woke up early (Sunday) morning to attend the September 11th memorial remembrance at Monument Point in Heisler Park. I left at 8:30 a.m. The banner I had placed on Laguna Canyon Road stating my perspective on Measure Q was in good shape.

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Photo by Jorg Dubin

We all may disagree on the message but that is what democracy is all about. I came home at about 10:15 a.m. to find the banner vandalized. Clearly someone who disagreed with the message or a proponent of measure Q was the culprit.

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Photo by Jorg Dubin

Don’t like the message, vandalize it! That seems to be the mantra! There have been other incidences of vandalism and theft in town during our election cycle by folks who either oppose candidates or political messages. Whether you are for or against Measure Q, this type of juvenile behavior should tell us a lot about the small-minded pettiness of those (involved). They appear willing to do anything to win! Spread misinformation. Done! Vandalize opposing viewpoints. Mission accomplished! What’s next? When Measure Q goes down to a resounding defeat? Rigged election! 

Shame on those who feel democracy only applies to them. Playing fair is clearly not in their vocabulary. The police have been notified and a report has been made.

Jorg Dubin

Laguna Beach

Upset with “approved” 24-hour construction

I am trying to bring attention to the nearly 24-hour construction in our neighborhood. Our city councilmembers have approved day and nighttime construction for the channel project. We were notified yesterday of this decision. Project started Monday. We have been to the planning commission and city council meetings. Never was this discussed. 

Please contact me at 714.420.5057.

Jesse Rothman

Laguna Beach


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