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Letters to the Editor

Abortion hypocrisy a bit rich

There is a saying in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, where when you call someone’s criticism “a bit rich,” you mean that they themselves are guilty of the same fault. That’s exactly how I would describe the “outrage” over the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, which effectively returned the issue of abortion to the individual states to determine. 

All the “outrage” in the recent Laguna rally defending abortion rights exclaiming “my body, my choice” made me remark on the stark hypocrisy.  Presumably many in attendance at the rally were the same ones that tried to shame people for not getting the COVID-19 “vaccinations,” wanting to create a two-tier system of access to our civil liberties of the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated. (Well, they aren’t really vaccinations as they don’t prevent you from getting COVID, so more like a flu shot than a true vaccine). 

Apparently the “my body, my choice” maxim only applies when the left wants it to apply, otherwise the same maxim would have been equally echoed for COVID vaccinations. How many people lost their jobs, their livelihoods, because they refused the experimental, rushed to market, jab? How many people decried the “loss of freedom” over mandatory vaccinations? 

It was reported that people at the rally shouted “abortion” to “destigmatize the word and help people recognize that it is a fundamental medical procedure.”  What? Abortions are elective. Like plastic surgery, also an elective medical procedure. 

Last time I checked pregnancy (except in the case of rape, the woman’s physical health or birth control/condom malfunction) is completely elective and avoidable. You have sex, you risk pregnancy. If you want to avoid pregnancy, get birth control, use a condom or abstain. It’s not a “fundamental medical procedure.” 

I frankly was surprised by the SCOTUS ruling. I thought the ruling would roll back the 2nd trimester ruling based on viability of the fetus, given the state of medical advances since Roe was decided. Either way, the hypocrisy is not lost on many of us. It’s a bit rich.

Jennifer Zeiter

Laguna Beach

Are laser fireworks the wave of the future?

I would like to see the City of Laguna Beach consider Laser Fireworks for the 4th of July. They would protect our ocean, (there would be) no wildfires and (they are) pet friendly. Living in an ocean community I am surprised we haven’t done this sooner. Let’s protect what we have a be mindful of the damage fireworks do to our surroundings. 

Janene Freitas

Laguna Beach


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