Letters to the Editor

Panel discussion celebrating LGBTQ Heritage and Culture Month featured at tomorrow’s museum pride party 

A new collaboration with the Laguna Art Museum and Laguna Beach Pride 365 working together brings you an evening celebrating the heritage and culture that have been a part of Laguna Beach for decades. A culture that started long ago with Laguna’s free thinking and liberal artist colony settlement in the 1960s and thrived for many years to today to become a new culture of wide acceptance. 

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Courtesy of Laguna Beach Pride 365

This year during June, National Gay Pride Month, the same month that Laguna Beach City proclaimed in 2017 to be “LGBTQ Heritage and Culture Month,” has on Saturday the 18th, a celebration that starts with a panel to recognize the history and culminates with a celebratory pride party. 

Attending the panel costs $7 for Laguna Art Museum members and $14 for non-members; the celebratory event (no panel) is free with food and drink provided by Laguna Beach Pride 365. Doors open as 4 p.m. and the event concludes at 8 p.m. 

Truly a heartfelt celebration sharing a culture that cares, that gives back, and thrives on the powerful love of family, no matter how diverse and unique the family may be. 

Wear your best Rainbow Pride Colors and join us for a Pride Celebration the likes of Laguna Beach has never before seen. This is indeed one for the history books. 

Craig Cooley

Rainbow Reflections