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Tom Girvin

March 15, 1933 – May 3, 2022

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Courtesy of the Girvin Family

Tom Girvin

Thomas B. Girvin met his Lord on May 3, 2022. He was the only son of Irish immigrants Thomas and Eliza Girvin and grew up in Quincy, Mass. Shortly after graduation from North Quincy High School, he joined the Marine Corp and was stationed at Camp Lejeune in No. Carolina where he was a staff Sgt. and honorably discharged from 1953-1955. 

He returned home to Boston and was hired to work for John Hancock Ins. Services. After several years there, he was transferred to the Detroit Ford Group office. While in Detroit he attended Detroit University where he graduated receiving his BBA with honors. He also attended law school at night but was unable to finish because of another transfer and promotion to the Los Angeles Claims Management office from which he was given an early retirement after 28 years.

Still feeling he had more to offer in the insurance field, he was contacted by a private insurance agency in Pasadena where he continued to work until moving to Laguna Beach with his wife Darrylin in 1998.

Tom loved to swim, and you could find him in the ocean every day unless the temperature dropped below 65 degrees. You could then find him at the Laguna Beach High School pool. He was an avid sports fan cheering on all his native Boston teams.

He lived well and appreciated everyday living in Laguna Beach and had a full life surrounded by family and friends while in hospice care until his passing.
Tom belonged along with his wife to Laguna Presbyterian Church where he was active on numerous committees, one being on Session that helps make decisions on the church’s future. Tom has asked that any donations be made to for Mission Outreach. 

His service will be held at Laguna Presbyterian Church on June 25 at 10 a.m.


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