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Guest Letter

Hang T. Dang, D.O., FACOS, FACS

City of Hope

A personal choice: Dr. Hang T. Dang talks about breast cancer reconstruction

Guest Letter Hang T. Dang

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Courtesy of City of Hope

Hang T. Dang, D.O., City of Hope

The good news about breast cancer is that there are now many options for treatment and recovery. At City of Hope Orange County, we want women to know they have choices about the course of their care, including more innovative reconstructive procedures.

“Women need to know that breast cancer can be very treatable and lifesaving breakthroughs are happening every day,” said Hang T. Dang, D.O., a breast surgical oncologist with fellowship experience who focuses on the treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases at City of Hope Newport Beach Fashion Island.

“Molecular and genetic testing is personalizing breast cancer treatment and making it more effective. A wide portfolio of new drugs can fight cancer better with fewer side effects. And women are seeing excellent cosmetic results from their surgery in combination with advanced techniques for breast preservation and reconstruction.”

Named a 2022 Orange County Medical Association Physician of Excellence, Dr. Dang is fellowship-trained in aesthetic breast surgery. She is one of more than 400 City of Hope physicians and 1,000 scientists and researchers who only focus on cancer.

With leading-edge technology and surgical expertise, City of Hope physicians deliver outstanding outcomes that are difficult to achieve elsewhere. Patients benefit from access to promising new therapies through pioneering research and innovative clinical trials for breast cancer. City of Hope provides a collaborative and caring multidisciplinary team of breast cancer experts who understand patients’ needs and backgrounds to provide a whole-person approach to treatment.

Among Dr. Dang’s specialties is oncoplastic reconstructive surgery, a combination of cancer surgery and plastic surgery. Often, both cancer removal and reconstruction can be performed together to avoid multiple surgeries. And for many women, it is possible to leave the nipple intact and to reconstruct the breast tissue so that a natural shape is retained without using implants.

Dr. Dang explains that how one chooses to heal from cancer is a very personal decision.

“Some women feel it is important for their physical and mental health to return to their former shape, while others do not want any additional procedures,” she said. “I advise my patients to take the time they need to learn about how breast reconstruction might affect them, both emotionally and physically. I encourage them to know the facts about the procedures and then make a personal choice that is best for them.”

Dr. Dang believes the most important part of her job is advocating for her patients. “Anyone who has heard the words ‘You have cancer’ knows the importance of hope,” said Dr. Dang. “Having hope allows people facing cancer to get through the process easier and cope with their diagnosis better. I always tell my patients that I’m here to fight for them and with them.”

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