Letters to the Editor

Correction to the concern that emails aren’t getting through

In Anne Caenn’s letter titled “Concerns with council skirting the intent of the Brown Act,” Anne states, “When we asked what had happened, we were told that our letters had been “blocked” and “scrubbed” in the city’s email system.” 

I must correct this statement. When Anne Caenn contacted me about the emails she sent that apparently had not been received, I had her email me directly, and discovered that Microsoft’s email protection system flagged her email address as spam, malware, or other email threat. Once flagged by Microsoft as a suspicious or harmful email address, any emails from that address are automatically quarantined and not delivered to the recipient for security reasons. 

I advised IT, who designated her email address as an approved sender to City email recipients, which has (for now) resolved the issue. The City did not “block” or “scrub” Anne Caenn’s emails and is not privy to why Microsoft identified her email as suspicious. There is a comment form on the City’s website that can be used instead to ensure comments are received at

Ann Marie McKay, City Clerk

City of Laguna Beach