Letters to the Editor

It’s beach time, check out those of us who’ve migrated to West St. Beach

For decades the beach area between the old “main lifeguard tower” and the Hotel Laguna was LGBTQ friendly. Because placing the supports for the boardwalk at the new Main Beach Park was slow & tedious, the beach was shut down and that’s when people started going to West St. Beach, which is really located north of West Street at Camels Point.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend, there will be a crowd, if it’s warm. People will come by car, Laguna trolleys and OCTA Route One bus. Rather than look for a parking space, you can leave your car in town and ride the trolley to the West St. intersection.

The full-service Ranch is within walking distance of the beach and the more affordable Lodge is north along with restaurants both north and south. 

Bringing food and a fridge for a picnic is a good idea, since the beach is somewhat isolated.

Watch the waves. The beach does have a “shore break” which means the wave can break with lots of power.

Nearby parks with picnic tables include the Village Green, one block south of West Street and Treasure Island Park, north at Wesley Drive.

If there is an emergency, lifeguards are usually nearby and/or call 911. Mission Hospital is one mile south and has 24-hour emergency services.   

Have a fun-filled 2022 summer.

Roger Carter

Laguna Beach