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Letters to the Editor

Complaints regarding the civility of Councilman Weiss continue to emerge 

As a longtime resident of Laguna Beach, I have from time to time gone to city council meetings and in recent years have watched them via Zoom. We have all been aware at times of the contentious nature of the workings of our city government but what was on display the other night at council was something that compelled me to speak out. I watched councilman George Weiss not only completely disrespect our city manager but also interrupting our mayor during her comment on the library purchase, (both are women). This is not the first time I have observed Councilman Weiss display behavior that I can only describe childish but also that of a person who is not in control of his anger and seems to treat his female counterparts and staff like this is the 1950s. 

As a person who ran on a platform of “civility” and “respect”, he continues to show neither and not just at council meetings. He is known to berate staff and talk down to department heads as though he were the final and absolute authority on everything. 

Councilman Weiss has now shown our community who he really is. An angry brooding man-child with no respect for anyone other than what appears to be a small minority of like-minded individuals. 

Look up “decorum” in the dictionary and Councilman Weiss’s name is nowhere to be found. I feel ashamed and sicken by his behavior and I sincerely hope that not only other women but men would agree. George Weiss needs to heed his own champaign rhetoric and then go get the book, “Civility for Dummies.”

Watching with interest,

Debbie Forsyth

Laguna Beach


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