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Letters to the Editor

Councilman Weiss’s behavior unacceptable

Councilman Weiss’s untoward behavior during last Tuesday’s (April 12) City Council meeting at first had me marvel at Mayor Kempf’s and our City Manager Shohreh Dupuis’ composure. When it continued with rudely dismissive behavior towards these two strong professional women who serve Laguna Beach every day, it hit me. Coming out of law school, even back in 1980, such patently paternalistic behavior was increasingly called out and vilified. Such obvious discourtesy would never be tolerated in the courtroom, the operating suite, or any other professional environment, period. For that matter, Weiss’s attitude is obviously misogynistic in any setting and was disturbing to witness. 

Zero tolerance applies to any such behavior and must be addressed. Councilman Weiss needs to sit back and listen and learn. 

Gail Allyn Landau, Esq.

Laguna Beach

Councilperson displayed unfortunate behavior

I just wanted to make note of last Tuesday’s City Council meeting. I have to say that Sue Kempf handled herself quite well, but that George Weiss was surprisingly arrogant. I thought he stood for a return to civility. I was disappointed. Interrupting a colleague and dismissing the city manager is unfortunate behavior. It would be really helpful if everyone could just work together. 

Lianne Mech

Laguna Beach