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Letters to the Editor

Will grocery workers strike at Ralphs and Pavilions?

After weeks of stalled negotiations, thousands of Southern California grocery workers employed by Ralphs and Pavilions have voted to authorize a strike. This doesn’t mean clerks at two of Laguna’s grocery stores definitely will hit the picket lines, but it is possible.

A strike will force people of good conscience to ask themselves, “Am I willing to cross a picket line, yes, or no?” In an effort to avoid that scenario, I suggest the grocery workers mount a major “sick out” instead. The impact will be the same. Either management will adjust its bargaining position or face staggering losses. 

Let’s hope it’s the former.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach 

When do you stop caring?

Jessica De Stefano is a sculptor – an artist – and a longtime Laguna Beach resident. She was the fairy on Hospitality Night that gave the children two wishes, one for them and one for the world. The children wished for peace on earth and no one should ever be hungry. When the town had the pancake breakfasts, she gave out watermelon and was the watermelon fairy.

About eight years ago, the Laguna Beach Library let her use the land in front and Jessica transformed dirt into a beautiful butterfly garden. After years of her volunteer effort, it is now also a fairy garden for children. They leave messages for the fairies and the fairies write them back. When I see children there it makes me smile. The garden is the most beautiful spot in all Laguna Beach. During COVID, the children really enjoyed the garden.

Jessica cares about our town! 

During these terrible times of war in Ukraine, Jessica put a small peace sign with a small Ukrainian flag in the garden to show the town that we hope for peace in Ukraine. The library removed the sign and flag and said it is political. Is it really political to hope for peace in Ukraine? Do you think the library is right?

Jessica is showing the town that we care and would hope for peace in Ukraine.

I am happy to live in Laguna Beach because Jessica’s garden makes the town magical.

Larry Zadan

Laguna Beach


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