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Marcia French

March 14, 1940 – February 23, 2022

Obituary Marcia French and Nancy Lee

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Photo by Curtis Lee

(L-R) Marcia French and Nancy Lee

Marcia French was born Marcia Yoko Iwasaki on March 14, 1940 in Los Angeles, California. Her early life was somewhat that of a vagabond. From her first home in Boyle Heights to a barracks in the Arizona desert as a result of Executive Order 9066 in 1942, Poston became “home” for 2-year-old Marcy, her parents Tetsuo and Michi, and thousands of other Japanese Americans. 

Marcy’s father, a Cal Tech graduate, picked sugar beets in Utah to get past the barbed wire perimeter, and ultimately to Denver and a possible job. Tets was able to get Michi and Marcy to Denver not long afterward. 

From a dry cleaning shop to production operations at Atlantic Refining Co., the Iwasakis moved to 59th Street in Philadelphia before moving to a wonderful row house in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. Marcy started school there and began building lifelong friendships, notably one with Barbara Ann Boyer, who spoke to Marcy just a week before she passed away. 

From there, Marcy and family moved to Palmyra, NJ, where her high school years were filled with choir practice, baton twirling, cheerleading, and her dear friend Judy “Mac” McAlister. 

Marcy graduated high school in 1957 and moved west to Montebello, California. Driving her prized ’55 Chevy to Whittier College didn’t last long, because marriage brought her to Laguna Beach. Marcy learned to be a dental assistant and eventually became the dental office manager. 

Daughter Dawn was born in 1960 and son Jeffrey was born in 1963. They lived above Bluebird Park next door to Herb and Nancy Lee, and their three sons Rusty, Curtis and Robin, until 1975 when Marcy married the love of her life, Dr. Robert French. Bob and Marcy enjoyed an all-too-brief 38 years of marriage before Bob passed in 2013. 

Marcy lost Dawn to cancer in 2016, and Marcy’s dear friend Judy Mac passed shortly thereafter. Marcy found comfort and companionship among her many friends in Laguna and Blue Lagoon, spending her time playing Mahjongg and becoming a serial remodeler. The remodel projects satisfied the artist, architect, and engineer in her. Laguna and Blue Lagoon enriched her with her many close friends, Bob’s kids and grandkids, and the best of memories. 

Marcy made annual trips to visit Jeff, Stacey and Ellie in New Zealand in 2017, 2018, and 2019, but her plans to visit in 2020, 2021 and 2022 were stymied by the pandemic.

Marcia, Marcy, Mom, Gramma, Yoey, Spoild1. You left us so suddenly on February 23rd, just days before we could put 82 candles on your cupcake. So many hands of Mahjongg left unplayed with your Blue Lagoon Babes. So many of us grieving our loss, remembering the best of times shared with us. And the love that we’ve cherished and shall forever miss. 

There will a service at Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Forest Avenue and 2nd Street, at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 19, 2022. 

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to a local charity of your choice.