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Letters to the Editor

Disagree on the concerns for SB9

With your permission, I’d like to suggest an edit to the editor. If I may, I have a correction to (Tuesday’s) publisher’s note (Fair Game): 

Instead of: “One of the items on the regular meeting portion is a proposed urgency ordinance to regulate potential Senate Bill 9 issues (where residential lots can be split). SB 9 could have major impacts on residential neighborhoods, traffic and more, if left unchecked.” 

Here, I’ll fix it for you: 

“SB9 will help alleviate California’s severe housing crunch by allowing homeowners to split their lots and build needed additional housing for new neighbors who will be Stu News Laguna readers and, no doubt, contributing members of our community. SB9 means that people of less-lofty income levels, such as teachers, retail workers, and first responders just might be able to live in the community where they work — and send their children to our well-resourced schools. Added housing stock means that kids who grew up in Laguna might even have a shot at getting an apartment here that doesn’t cost their entire first-job salaries. And, there will be new faces at Laguna block parties.”

You’re welcome! 

Barbara McMurray 

Laguna Beach

Remembering Arnold Hano

Last Saturday, the community came together to both celebrate the life of, and say goodbye to, a much beloved Arnold Hano. All the accolades aside, I believe Arnold (and his wife Bonnie) rank among Laguna’s finest, like early artists Anna Hills and William Wendt, Eiler Larsen (a.k.a. The Greeter) and Skipper (“Have a home run day”) Carrillo. Each, in his or her own way, appealed to people’s better angels. The same is true for both Arnold and Bonnie. As a lasting tribute to their commitment to Laguna, I hope a statue will be erected in their honor someday.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach


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