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Letter to the Editor

Lucky me, Arnold changed my life forever

What an honor to have known Arnold, he was one of the most exceptional men I ever knew, a man of integrity and principle.

He changed my life 22 odd years ago when he asked me to come on the board of Village Laguna. He knew I was an environmentalist and he told me that he needed me on board to help protect the natural environment of Laguna and make it a better place for us all to live. He added it is hard to make a difference on the world stage, but if we residents strived to take care of our local habitat such news would echo, just like a good Baseball Team. How could I resist? What a privilege and pleasure it was to work with him and listen to his determined and learned mind! 

I never forgot his words and I continue to do his bidding to this day. Thank you, Arnold, I tip my hat to you beloved friend, may the good gods be with you and may you watch over us with intent.   

Charlotte Masarik

Laguna Beach

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