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Letters to the editor Arnold Hano

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Arnold Hano, pictured with his wife Bonnie, when he turned 99 years of age on March 2, 2021

The legendary Arnold Hano takes his final at bat

I learned early this morning [Sunday, Oct. 24] of the passing of our very own Laguna Beach legend & dear, dear personal friend, Arnold Hano. He passed around 5 a.m. [Sunday, Oct. 24] after being on a long downward slide, just a bit more than four months before his 100th birthday.

Arnold was to our village what Jim Dilley was to the canyon. As I understand it, they had a gentleman’s agreement that each would protect what they so loved.

We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all that Arnold did over the many decades, his stewardship in fighting for what he thought would protect our village from being over-built, championing the 36’ height ordinance & oh so many other accomplishments, all stemming from his deep love of Laguna Beach. 

If you Google his name, you will learn so much more about Arnold. The literary world knows him best for his famous baseball narrative, A DAY IN THE BLEACHERS. There were many books, magazine articles, etc., that Arnold authored. He was so creative & engaging & mentally sharp as a tack right up to the end. 

I had the great privilege of having a close & special friendship with both Arnold & Bonnie for many decades but more so in these past five years since my husband’s death. Arnold was one of the first people I met after moving back to Laguna Beach in the late 1970s. I found Arnold to be fascinating from the start, whether talking about politics, sports, life or most anything else. 

I feel a great personal loss, but our community has also lost. Few individuals with the passion, dedication & follow-through, come along in our time. Arnold Hano was one of those amazing people proving that one person can, indeed, matter greatly. 

Please take a moment to tell someone you care about, just how much they mean to you.

Trudy Josephson

Laguna Beach

In loving memory, Arnold Hano

It is with a sad heart that I share the news of the passing of Arnold Hano, a longtime member of Laguna Canyon Conservancy and indeed a Laguna Beach legend. A native New Yorker, he traversed across the USA to our fair city of Laguna Beach in the 1950s where it has been his home for more than 50 years. Hano is the author of more than 30 books, a World War II veteran, a Giants baseball fanatic, Peace Corps volunteer, world traveler, women’s rights advocate and a progressive activist. He and his beloved wife, Bonnie have made many contributions to our fair city, all with a keen eye on preserving our legacy.

Not only do I feel a personal loss with his passing, but it is also a tremendous loss for the community. Arnold Hano, with a profound sense of common good and human decency, personified all that is fair and honorable. We rarely encounter such an individual, one that also demonstrates and celebrates a spirit of hope and the value of making a difference.

We wish to express our sincere sympathies to Bonnie and all the Hano Family. He will be sadly missed.

Gayle Waite

Laguna Beach

Laguna Canyon Conservancy