Community garden

I am writing to express my concerns around $500,000 being directed to the “community garden” in South Laguna. I am a huge supporter of gardens in general; the question is whether now is the time to spend that kind of money on a garden, particularly that garden. My biggest issue is that it is not truly a community garden. It is controlled by a handful of people who enjoy it for their own personal use. They control access, make their own rules, and don’t share the produce that they grow. Secondly, the owner of the property has failed to respond to numerous communications and offers to buy the land. I wonder why they don’t locate somewhere else. This seems more like a pet project and something that fails to benefit the community at large.

I also am absolutely opposed to spending a penny on the digester. That seems to be truly, truly a waste of money in times like these.

Lianne Mech

Laguna Beach