Life of Spice


Greetings from Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market


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Mediterranean spices sold by the kilo.

Zataar, sumac, turmeric and paprika for ancient flavors!

The secrets, stories and legends of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market seem to peep out from its dusty old corners, enticing shoppers to buy much of the same goods sold here for a century ago. 

In the early 1920s, a group of Yemenites, then some Russian immigrants, began selling fresh local produce in the area. By the 1950s, the City took note of the market’s popularity, and constructed permanent buildings for merchants Persian to Polish and Arab to Eritrea. 

juciest fruit

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Today the Market, which is named after the streets it’s located on, sprawls across the alleys and side streets reflecting a fascinating culinary tradition while making shoppers’ eyes, nose and tongue tingle.

dried fruit

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It’s a perfect place to provision for a lavish dinner at home. Or, with the Mediterranean Sea just a few blocks away, it’s easy to find the fixings for a beach picnic.

Turkish Delight from Turkey

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Truly a treat – Turkish Delight from Turkey!

A visitor from Southern California is bound to find the surprising array of colorful and aromatic foods a pure pleasure. Anyone who has pangs for delicious real food is sure to find satisfaction in Carmel Market’s warm bread, sweet donuts, dried fruits, juicy fresh fruits and green vegetables.