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Slice Pizza & Beer releases fifth Laguna Beach artist-designed pizza box

Slice Pizza & Beer just announced the release of their fifth Laguna Beach artist-designed pizza box. 

“In keeping with the concept of promoting community, we decided when we opened to have local artists design our boxes,” said Suzanne Redfearn, who owns Slice Pizza & Beer with her husband, Cary. 

slice pizza Larry Stewart

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Photos courtesy of Slice Pizza & Beer

Local artist Larry Stewart with the pizza box he designed

“Our fifth pizza box features the work of local artist Larry Stewart, and he chose the quote on the inside flap, which was written by Paul McCartney: ‘And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make,’” said Suzanne.

Stewart is a Laguna Beach artist, born and raised. As he stated on, “I have been honing my craft in contemporary styled artwork for the last decade. Initially a full-time athlete, my notebooks overflowed with artistic creations. Eventually, it came time to hang up the cleats; with my old identity gone, I committed to something new.” 

slice pizza Larry and Lance

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Larry Stewart (left) with his brother Lance display the five artist-designed pizza boxes – (L-R) Fifth design by Larry, fourth design by Lauren Howell, third design by Lisa Mansour and her daughter Chloe Mansour, second design by Sharon Hardy and the inaugural box was designed by Cynthia Fletcher.

Stewart continued, “Soon the hours in the studio surpassed the hours in the ocean, and I knew that it would be this way forever. Years of athletics created an addictive passion for mastering every detail of my creation and finding new sources of inspiration. The only difference is that art is a game I cannot win, so it looks like I have a lifetime of competition ahead of me.”

Follow Larry Stewart on Instagram @larrydiditt.

Slice Pizza & Beer is located at 477 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach. For more information, visit


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