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Restaurant owner Chef Alessandro Pirozzi donates $5,000 to Laguna Food Pantry

This week Chef Alessandro Pirozzi, the owner of Alessa, Salerno, and Pirozzi restaurants, presented Executive Director of Laguna Food Pantry Anne Belyea with a check for $5,000. 

Belyea says, “Especially due to the influx of COVID-19-related food insecurity, the Laguna Food Pantry sends its heartfelt gratitude for the continued support and generosity of Chef Alessandro Pirozzi.

“The number of families reaching out to Laguna Food Pantry in need of food remains high. July was our highest month, with 3,593 shoppers bringing home food to 10,297 in their families. Before the pandemic, in February 2020, we served 2,187 shoppers with 7,639 in their household. We anticipate the demand to continue and are so grateful for Chef Pirozzi’s generous support!”

Restaurant owner check

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Chef Pirozzi (on left) and Alessa staff present check to Anne Belyea (second from right), executive director of Laguna Food Pantry

Chef Pirozzi says, “The difference between important and essential things has been manifested in the Laguna Food Pantry. When people need the real necessity of food like during these times of COVID-19, the Food Pantry is there to be one to provide the essential item. And though we hope not, we know that in times of need, they’re always there for us.

“This donation is the minimum that we can do to support the Laguna Food Pantry. And we want to let them know that starting next month, we will continue to support them and all the other charity organizations that help Laguna’s less fortunate – as fortunate as all of us who have jobs, roofs, and food every day.”

Laguna Food Pantry, a nonprofit, is an almost completely volunteer-run enterprise that provides free, fresh, nutritious groceries to individuals and families in need. The organization collects and distributes 5,000 lbs. of food every weekday and serves 500+ families a week in South Orange County.

Laguna Food Pantry is located at 20652 Laguna Canyon Rd.

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