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R Star Foundation drills wells to bring more water to villagers in Karketar, Shera, and Wojetar in Nepal

“Drop by drop we continue forward!” says Rosalind Russell, founder and CEO of R Star Foundation. R Star Foundation’s mission statement is “Women Helping Women & Children in Nepal…therefore the world.” R Star Foundation serves and educates the isolated and disempowered women and children of Nepal, connecting resources to the neediest people in one of the most remote areas on earth and helping to bring about peace. 

Russell says, “R Star is splashing about happily in our newest involvement to serve our villages where the ground water shifted out, leaving the villages without water or long, hard hikes to obtain it a few times a day. The shift took place following the quakes nearly four years back. R Star has a Nepali government grant in action at this very moment. The well is going in.”

R Star driling

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Drilling for wells

She continues, “Rabin (her liaison in Nepal) applied last year for the deep drilling grant in Nepal. Recently, while I was in Nepal, I inspected the area of the proposed drill, met with the hydro engineer personally and met with government officials Rabin is working with, witnessing the documents being signed and set to transpire. This is a huge accomplishment as we all know the importance of pure water for land, animals and people.”

The drilled well serves the villages of Karketar, Shera, and Wojetar, about 3,000 people and countless animals. “The need for deep wells continues as we hope for organizations who will provide additional wells in our numerous villages in need,” Russell says. “Sadly building wells in Nepal is nearly double the cost as say in Africa or even India, due to the terrain overall. It is all the harder to attract organizations who need to show larger numbers of completed wells for their donor funding. Still we remain hopeful.”

To learn more about R Star’s work, go to or call Rosalind Russell at (949) 497-4911. R Star welcomes volunteers and funds.

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