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Rosalind Russell of R Star Foundation delivers new specialized crop of corn to Nepal villagers today

Rosalind Russell, R Star Foundation CEO/Founder, departed today for an extended trip to Nepal. Before she left, she met with volunteer Robin Pierson at Adolfo’s for a last Mexican meal for a while, as Rosalind won’t be back until the end of January. 

Robin gifted R Star with “corn” of the Aztec’s, a hearty, healthy crop of colorful corn, which, of course, is not GMO, says Rosalind. This is Robin’s first and very plentiful harvest, which she grew on her Wyoming farm for Rosalind to take to the Nepal, and because of Robin, R Star is delighted to have a new specialized crop to offer selected villagers.

Rosalind Russell and Robin

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Photo from R Star

Rosalind Russell (on left) and Robin Pierson

Robin has been to Nepal a few times as well as to the R Star Top of the World – Nepal elementary school to teach classes. She has also volunteered her time and energy on many occasions in several different ways for the sake of the Nepalese people R Star assists. 

While in Nepal, Rosalind will also be overseeing drilling matters and “goats”, greenhouses, and living conditions as she learns the needs of those she works with in her 51 villages with a population that totals 44,000 people. 

Rosalind Russell school

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Photo from R Star

R Star TOW school in Wojethar, attended by pre-school students to the sixth grade; 55 students are enrolled from various villages

R Star’s mission statement is “Women Helping Women & Children in Nepal…therefore the world.” R Star Foundation serves and educates the isolated and disempowered women and children of Nepal. The nonprofit connects resources to the neediest people in one of the most remote areas on earth and helps to bring about peace. 

If interested in investing in the successful work of R Star, a capable Board member, Betsy, will be managing the mail, banking, and the tax donation letters during Rosalind’s absence. Rosalind says, “Whatever one wishes to do will be enough and wonderful.” 

For further information or to donate, mail goes to R Star Foundation, PO Box 4183, Laguna Beach, CA 92652; or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or visit the R Star website where donations are just a button push:

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