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Tony’s Treehouse donates to Laguna Food Pantry to meet needs of holidays

Over the last couple of months, volunteers of the Tony’s Treehouse have teamed up to gather items for their food drive benefiting the Laguna Food Pantry in hopes that it would give the Pantry a little jump start for the increasing needs of the holidays. 

Becky Martinez, founder of Tony’s Treehouse, which was started in memory of her son, says, “I think we collected over 500 items, over that time period, and were able to meet up with Anne Belyea and Pantry volunteers recently for a ‘photo opp’. I love how they service our community in such a kind, compassionate and dignified way; no one is turned away. And no one need walk away hungry.”

Tonys Treehouse Anne

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Laguna Food Pantry Executive Director Anne Belyea and volunteers

Martinez continues, “Next year, 2019 will bring the 20th year of Tony’s Treehouse (December 23), and I’m looking to plan some special activities to celebrate my son’s life. His little 9-year-old spirit impacted many on earth, and Tony continues to make lives better even in his absence.”   

Tony’s Treehouse is a nonprofit organization based in LB. It was founded in memory of Becky’s beloved little 9-year-old boy named Tony. The legacy he left his family and friends is one of giving, loving and living life to its fullest extent. 

On December 23, 1999, during an hour-long stable ride with his family in Palm Springs, Tony’s horse suddenly bolted. The small 55-pound boy would have fallen off of the horse, but his foot became trapped. The horse ran at full speed. 

Tonys Treehouse donations

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Food donated by Tony’s Treehouse

Becky says, “We lost him hours later at the hospital. Together with his older brother Danny, both boys took many opportunities to help the needy and less fortunate in their community. Digging deep into their pockets, they would give to the homeless. 

“So, in celebration of both Danny and Tony’s charity and generosity, we found a way to reach out to families and children who are in need. Our group of family and friends, numbering well over 150, volunteer in our various activities, from providing meals for the homeless to distributing food and clothing to the working poor of Orange County.”

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