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#RockOnLB spreads kindness, one rock at a time, with not so random acts of love and compassion


“One message at the right time can change your entire day…outlook…life,” states the Kindness Rocks Project, and that has proved to be true right here in Laguna Beach. 

Suzanne Redfearn, one of Laguna’s Literary Laureates, and local poet Lisa Hughes Anderson, were inspired by The Kindness Rocks Project founded by Megan Murphy. The movement encourages people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages along the path of life. 

Anderson discovered kindness rocks during her travels and wanted to bring the idea to Laguna Beach. Her goal in life is to bring positive light into other people’s worlds. Redfearn and Anderson say, “#RockOnLB is our way of spreading love and creativity throughout our community and beyond.” 

RockOnLB spreads Anderson

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(L-R) Lisa Anderson and Kristen Thomas at launch party

The project was launched with a rock painting party in July and then each family brought their pile of rocks and paint pens home to create their pile of kindness. A word, a picture, a phrase – the idea was to spread creativity and kindness throughout the community and beyond. Each rock was tagged #RockOnLB, so people could post their finds on social media and share the love with others.

On Tuesday, Redfearn notified Stu News, “I want to let you know about something wonderful that happened this week. In honor of National Kindness Week, over twenty Laguna Beach families went out stealthily into the evening last night to sprinkle over 2,200 kindness rocks throughout Laguna Beach. Today is Touch-A-Heart Tuesday, and I believe the beautiful capsules of creativity and kindness that these wonderful people spent a month creating then left for strangers to find did just that. Below is an email I received this morning from someone who stumbled upon a path of the hand-painted stones.”

RockOnLB spreads Rim Rock

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Visitor to Laguna finds rocks on Rim Rock Canyon Rd left by Helen Pollins-Jones

“My dog and I took our usual walk just now up on Rim Rock Canyon Rd when we encountered your Little Rock messages. I was so delighted to see the first one, and then became overjoyed at the whimsical, sweet messages all along the way, culminating with a community of rocks at a bench. 

“I am a visitor here. I love rocks, poetry, Laguna...secret and not-so-secret messages, and a benevolent universe expressing itself through all these things. 

“Do you have sister groups in other cities? I would be interested in starting something in my town. I live in Rockville, just outside of Zion National Park. We are a town of 250 residents, with annual tourist visitation of 4.3 million in the Park. I’d love to get together with some of my soul sisters and create/spread some inspiration. This world needs it. 

...and thank you for brightening my day at a time when I needed it, and least expected it. It’s true – a word can change a mood and even change a life.” 

As of Thursday morning, on Instagram #rockonlb, there were six positive and inspiring responses from residents who have found the kindness rocks.

Someone found a rock painted with “Joy” and said, “Found this morning on my front door step. Thank you for this sweet wake up.” 

And two kids had fun finding several at Top of the World Park. 

RockOnLB spreads in tree

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Kindness rock left in tree

Another resident discovered one and sent Redfearn the following email: 

“I was watering the plants at my friend and neighbor’s house this morning (we live on Jasmine) and I found a lovely little rock with a sun painted on it. I saw #rockonlb written on the back of it, which led me to your website where I learned about this wonderful project. And in the first picture of your touch-a-heart Tuesday gallery, I saw two friends, Cheryl and Michelle, whom I haven’t seen for maybe a year. 

“Thank you for this not-so-random act of kindness. It really made my day and my friend’s as well. We’ve been trying to bring some more sunshine into her life as well. 

“Please notify me the next time you all get together to paint more stones. I’d love to join and help this positive group of people in our community spread kindness and joy.”

If you want to volunteer to be part of this project, Redfearn says on her website, “No experience needed, only kindness you are willing to share.”

As one of those who found a rock said on Instagram, “Perhaps on your path, you will stumble upon the message you need.”

Redfearn and Anderson have proven that sometimes just the right word at the right time can make all the difference.

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