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R Star Foundation completes clean water project with Terai Rotary Club in Kathmandu for Nepal school 

Earlier in the year, R Star Foundation joined forces with Rotary Clubs in Patan South and Terai, to complete a project for clean water in the flooded area of Terai, Nepal. Prompting this partnership was a single donor who asked R Star to undertake the project, however, Terai is not an area where R Star works. 

R Star kids drinking

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Photo from Patan South Rotary Club

Kids enjoy clean drinking water at Shree Janta Adharbhut School

“Without much of either clean water or proper sanitation, there is no doubt about the need in this area,” says Rosalind Russell, founder of R Star Foundation.

Russell decided to collaborate with Rotary’s Club in Patan South, a club she attends when in Nepal, in order to get the funds safely in capable hands for completion of the job. Russell is familiar with these Rotarians, whom she describes as, “People who have big hearts and large brains.”

Excited to have supply funds to go forward for a wonderful water project, the Patan Rotary Club, in turn, joined with a Terai Rotary club. “The project is quite encompassing,” adds Russell. “Rotary has a few aims...eradicating polio over the world, (with only six breakouts this year in two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, it will happen) and clean water worldwide and peace, a favorite of mine.” 

R Star boy washing hands

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Photo from Patan South Rotary Club

Students have proper sanitation 

She continues, “I mention these matters as too few people know the greatness Rotary provides here and around the world.” 

As for this undertaking, she says, “This has been a long ongoing attempt to get the project completed. It has been done! We put in two toilets, a sink (sanitation station is how they are referred to), and clean pure water for the children with a hand pump station along with the storage unit for pre-pumped water.”

Further details on the project: Shree Janta Adharbhut School (Government school), Ward No.8, Barahachettra Municipality, Number of Students: 120 (67 Females, 53 Males), Number of Staff: 10 (Including full and part time teachers), Established: 2038 BS (1982).

R Star plaque

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Photo from Patan South Rotary Club

Plaque honoring R Star Foundation for its donation

After completion, a plaque was installed on site honoring the donations. “This is the first time ever a mention of R Star has been on a plaque to state who participated in the gift giving,” Russell says.

R Star’s mission statement: R Star Foundation serves and educates the isolated and disempowered women and children of Nepal. We connect resources to the neediest people in one of the most remote areas on earth in helping to bring about peace.

For more information on R Star Foundation or to donate securely, go to or post a check to R Star, PO Box 4183, Laguna Beach, 92651. R Star Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization.

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