Upcoming projects for R Star Foundation include establishment of Walk for Water in Karketar Village

Although R Star Foundation has just successfully completed a project after teaming up with Rotary Clubs in Nepal, there are still many other projects in the works.

Rosalind Russell, founder of R Star Foundation, says, “We remain hopeful the Walk for Water (Water Wisdom) group will be establishing a well in one of our villages, (used by three villages). I meet with Susan Hough, who heads up the walk and is a guide for the high school students, in early July. We will meet to set up the logistics for the anticipated drilling of the well in Karketar Village. The engineers R Star hired have found the water source 950 meters away from Karketar Village. This source can be used as drinking water for three other villages (Jaretar, Simle and Karketar) in Kavre District.”

Upcoming projects Walk for Water

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Kids in Nepal walk miles for water

Russell is also traveling to Toronto soon for the Rotary International Convention. “There is a large area called The House Of Friendship, which is the first place I head, as it has been the only place in the world I have felt peace can arrive to our world. Truly amazing, as most of the world has Rotary Clubs who attend the international convention. R Star teaches peace at our school, Top of the World-Nepal, a very important heartfelt program in my opinion which I admire, to bring peace about.”

For more information on R Star Foundation, go to www.RStarfoundation.org.