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Mega-best-selling novelist Lisa See will speak at Susi Q’s third “Evening with an Author”

There are best-selling authors and then there are mega-best-selling authors. Novelist Lisa See, who will be featured in conversation with moderator, arts columnist and podcaster Marrie Stone at Susi Q’s third “Evening with an Author” event on Wednesday, Sept. 13, is deservedly one of the latter.

See’s string of bestsellers includes the novels Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, Island of Sea Women, Peony in Love, Shanghai Girls, Dreams of Joy and China Dolls. Her books have been celebrated for their authentic, deeply researched, lyrical stories about Chinese characters and culture.

The event will begin with mingling, snacks and wine at 4:30 p.m., with the program beginning at 5 p.m. and ending at 7 p.m. with book signings. Cost is $35, which includes a hardcover copy of See’s latest novel, Lady Tan’s Circle of Women, currently on both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists.

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Author Lisa See

Attendees will hear the author discuss the factors that inspire her writing, from her background as the child of a Chinese father and Caucasian mother to her fascination with history and the strong bonds between women.

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women is inspired by the true story of Tan Yunxian – a woman born in the 15th century who against all odds became a doctor of women and girls.

“The comment I most often get [about Lady Tan’s Circle of Women] comes from people of Chinese American descent, who say things like, ‘Your writing helps me to fill in the gaps in my own family’s story,’” See said.

“For Lady Tan, I’d say that the main comments have had to do with foot-binding, the physical and emotional restrictions placed on women and just how lucky we are – as women – to live where and when we do.

“What I want people to get from my books is that all people on the planet share common life experiences – falling in love, getting married, having children, dying – and share common emotions – love, hate, greed, jealousy,” See added. “These are the universals; the differences are in the particulars of customs and culture.”

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Lisa See’s latest book

Moderator Marrie Stone is a huge fan of See’s. “I think Lisa’s novels prove so popular because of their ability to transport us to another time and place so unlike our own, and then psychologically bind us to her characters,” Stone said.

“For several hundred pages, we feel like we’re living in another world and leading some extraordinary life we couldn’t otherwise imagine. It’s a credit to her meticulous research and her authentic curiosity about Chinese history. Lisa always finds unique and compelling subject matters largely left unexplored by other authors. And she allows her readers to fully inhabit them.”

See even has a family connection with Laguna Beach.

“My father lived in Laguna Beach for a bit when I was a teenager, which was great fun. I love the town – the beach, the art scene, the drive through the hills to reach it (even with the traffic). I’m always happy to visit.”

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