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Laguna Beach Community Clinic and Susi Q collaborate on senior fitness video

“The (Laguna Beach Community) Clinic and the Susi Q are next-door neighbors. We serve many of the same people, and our organizations enjoy working together. Building a LiveWell episode around senior fitness was an obvious choice,” said Dr. Jorge Rubal, CEO and medical director of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.

The clinic’s latest LiveWell episode, filmed at the Susi Q, is sponsored in part by the local Whole Foods Market and can be viewed by clicking here.

laguna beach exercises

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Photos courtesy of LB Community Clinic

“LiveWell” episode on senior fitness

The video takes you inside one of the organization’s fitness classes that can help improve strength, flexibility and balance, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. You’ll hear details from yoga instructor Wayne Lawrence on the many benefits of a sitting and standing yoga practice. Follow along as Lawrence guides you step by step in the Alexander Technique for getting in and out of a chair.

“Engaging in fitness activities, like those offered at the Susi Q, can also promote cardiovascular health and helps to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes,” explained Dr. Rubal. “Additionally, staying physically active can improve cognitive function and mental well-being, reducing the risk of age-related cognitive decline and depression.”

laguna beach heed and rubal

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(L-R) George Heed and Dr. Jorge Rubal

George Heed is featured in the video and is quick to point out the synergy between the clinic and the Susi Q. He also underscores that people “come for the classes but return for each other,” remarking on the strong sense of camaraderie at the Susi Q.

“We know that staying physically and mentally active is key to a long and healthy life. That’s why we offer various enriching programs to engage our seniors’ diverse interests and needs. For those considering joining one of our fitness classes, we hope you watch the video and see the fun and friends that await you at the Susi Q,” said Jo Ekblad, program/marketing director.


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