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Guest Column

Health In Balance, a beacon for restorative healing

By J.J. Ballesteros, Chairman, Board of Directors, Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce 

The Chamber Spotlight is meant to highlight a unique business member of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1987 by husband and wife Doctors Gary and Lisa Arthur, Health In Balance has been providing restorative healing to the Laguna Beach community for 35 years. With the mission to “see lives changed for the better using a unique integrative approach so that all may flourish and live active pain-free lives,” the family business has been supported by each of their children over the years: eldest daughter Aria, middle son Ryah and currently Morea, as the care coordinator and manager.

What enables Health In Balance to be a standout among other health & wellbeing options is their unique 4 System Approach for whole body healing. Before opening their practice, Doctors Gary & Lisa completed chiropractic school and studied many natural healing modalities which led to their distinct model of individualized care. Over the years, they have brought together a vibrant team of people who collectively share the vision to change lives for the better. Most recently, in 2015, Dr. Jordan Martin was welcomed to the Health In Balance doctorate team and brought his own expertise in chiropractic biophysics and sports medicine.

The impressive care team at Heath In Balance team actively supports the health & well-being of Laguna Beach through myriad community service initiatives and educational seminars. Aloha Week is offered annually three or four times, which raises money for local charities and provides complementary care for both new and existing patients in the community. They are part of the nonprofit, Doctors for Health and Wellness donating hours of complimentary healthcare to the community. As well, they regularly support SchoolPower and the Friendship Shelter while also periodically selecting other organizations and causes that are pertinent to current needs. The team has worked with numerous professional and Olympic athletes over the years, and Dr. Gary served as the sports doctor for the Women’s Professional Volleyball Association and Laguna Beach High School athletics teams.

I sat down with Doctors Gary, Lisa and Jordan to learn a little more.

Guest Column Health In Balance doctors

Courtesy of the LB Chamber of Commerce

(L-R) Dr. Jordan Martin with Drs. Lisa and Gary Arthur

J.J. Ballesteros: What originally inspired you to go into the healthcare profession?

Gary Arthur, D.C.: At the early age of 9, I learned the importance of good health when my dad, a young minister, died at the age of 39. He had suffered from myriad health problems. It made such a strong impact on me that I vowed to God that I would commit my life to helping people be healthy. Then at 21, I was injured in a car accident and in the same year suffered from the effects of mercury poisoning. Through corrective chiropractic care and nutritional therapy, I got my life back on track. This gave me the passion to see the same healing for others. I love being a doctor and a health coach, helping others heal, empowering them to take charge of their lives and become their best. 

Lisa Arthur, D.C.: I was originally inspired to be a healing practitioner because I became a student of health at a very early age. Chiropractic was a logical and natural step in continuing my studies in health and longevity. I’ve chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because that is what makes the utmost sense to me. I am grateful I did so because I love to see people regain their health and abide in their full potential. I strongly believe in the principles of natural healing, which support the belief that the body can heal itself if given the opportunity. The roadblocks to healing must be identified and then overcome. I believe with all my heart in how I practice and always continue striving to improve my skills.

Jordan Martin, D.C.: I was inspired to become a chiropractor at the young age of 16 years old. Up until this time, I was sure I wanted to be a Marine Biologist due to my passion for the ocean and marine life; however, life took an unexpected turn when I became a patient at Health In Balance. Always being involved in sports, I had my fair share of injuries – a recurring one being sprained ankles. Prior to being treated by Dr. Gary Arthur, I would always treat my ankle sprains with conventional western medicine, which consisted of wearing a boot and taking 4-8 weeks off my activities. This all changed one day when Dr. Gary witnessed me sprain my ankle as I was playing volleyball. I immediately received chiropractic care right here at Health In Balance, and I discovered that I not only didn’t have to wear a boot again but was back playing in a week and a half. This blew my mind and hence sparked my interest in chiropractic care. Throughout my remaining high school years, I became a consistent patient at Health In Balance, successfully treating lower back pain and relieving the body’s stressors to allow my body to heal itself. To this day I have never had another ankle sprain. I am grateful to have chosen the path as a chiropractor, because nothing compares to the reward of helping people get well and educating them on their body and overall health.

J.J.: What made you want to have a practice in Laguna Beach?

Drs. Gary and Lisa: We both grew up in Southern California then moved to San Luis Obispo followed by Santa Cruz. Eventually, we knew we wanted to live back down south closer to our families. Laguna Beach was the only town we would consider living in because of its artistic, fun-loving, surf, reggae and freedom culture. In fact, it was the Sawdust Festival that convinced us! In 1987, we decided to plant our roots here. 

J.J.: Can you share a few of the principles on how you run your practice?

Drs. Gary and Lisa: We run our practice from our vision to change lives for the better and our core values: hope, healing, teamwork, love and integrity. It’s all about helping people achieve what they would like for their health, whether short-term relief or long-term correction. We operate from the 4 System Approach to healing, which is founded on the principle that the body was designed to heal itself. There are 4 main governing systems in the body that keep our health in balance: structural, biochemical, emotional and electromagnetic. If the body is not healing itself correctly, there is something interfering with the normal healing process in one or more of these 4 systems. This interference can also be termed as stress. Stress interferes with our body’s ability to heal itself and causes us to suffer. Our goal is to help remove stressors, so the body can heal itself again and overall health is improved. This is our healing approach.

J.J.: How did the pandemic impact your office and how were you able to continue providing care for your patients?

Drs. Gary and Lisa: During the pandemic, we were able to stay open and provide necessary healthcare to those in need. We had limited staff on board and a limited number of hours, but we maintained our vision and were able to be there for those who were in desperate need of healthcare when many other resources were not available. We were honored to serve our community during that time.

J.J.: Why do you believe it is important to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

Drs. Gary and Lisa: We believe it is important for the businesses in our town to support one another in each other’s visions and missions. It is rewarding to make friends with like-minded enterprising people that want to contribute to the betterment of Laguna.

J.J.: Is there anything else you would like us to know about you and your staff?

Drs. Gary and Lisa: We want you to know that we are here for you and your loved ones as a resource and support team for your most flourishing health. It has been 35 years that we have been serving this town and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be part of so many of your stories and journeys to live your most active and healthy life.

Jordan Martin, D.C.: As a former patient, I can speak to the level of care you receive at Health In Balance – you immediately notice their genuine approach and broad expertise. If you have any physical ailments you’d like to address, I would make an appointment with this amazing group of doctors immediately.

Health In Balance is located at 330 Park Ave. #3, Laguna beach. Call 949.497.2553. Visit


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