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Laguna Beach mourns the passing of Verna Rollinger, longtime city clerk, councilmember 

Laguna Beach mourns the loss of Verna Rollinger, who passed away early Thursday, May 26 from renal failure. She was 77.

Laguna Beach mourns Rollinger

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Verna Rollinger

She served as Laguna Beach City Clerk from March 1976-December 2004 (28 years). She also served four years as a City Councilmember. According to Laguna Beach Mayor Sue Kempf, “Verna was the epitome of a dedicated public servant, serving the City of Laguna Beach for decades as City Clerk and also as a City Councilmember. As we mourn her passing, we recognize that her love for this City and commitment to serving the people of Laguna Beach will live on through all who knew her.”

Rollinger, a 52-year resident of Laguna Beach, was involved in myriad civic affairs for many years, including being a board member of Village Laguna. She also championed environmental causes.

“Verna set the standard for City Clerks. Warm, friendly and she always could answer a question or find the answer,” said Laguna Beach Councilmember Toni Iseman. “On a personal level, her passion for our town was a model for all of us. She loved Laguna and she never stopped working to protect the essence of our town that we treasure.”

Joined by Ann Christoph, Johanna Felder and Barbara Metzger, Rollinger was responsible for founding the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition. 

“Verna was our rock,” said Felder, past president of Village Laguna. “She was dedicated to the community that she loved. We will miss her guidance, her spirit and her love for Laguna Beach.”

And Anne Caenn, president of Village Laguna aptly shared, “She was a true treasure.”

Rollinger is survived by her son, Victor Rollinger, of San Diego.


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