iDOME provides temporary shelters to victims of the Dixie Fire

The iDOME Shelter is an innovative hybrid dwelling that offers fun, functionality, and most importantly, will last a lifetime, according to Darren “Dags” Madrigal. When he introduced the product to the market, one of his missions was to use the shelters as temporary dwellings for disaster victims.

The geodesic dome structure can be set up in minutes, offers 91 square ft of living with a 9-ft head space, 18-inch BIG stakes, the floor is made of PVC, it has a 5” border to keep out water, and the frame can hold up to 1,000 lbs, supporting hammocks and supplies to keep them off the ground. 

Madrigal’s vision is that by using the iDOME SHELTER as a way to make memories – at the beach, camping, music festivals, or a variety of experiences – it will lead to its larger humanitarian use during natural disasters. With the recent incidences of fires here in California, it is clear the planet is changing. 

Providing shelters to those in need is a prime objective at iDOME Shelters and their recent partnership with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) is helping them move forward and closer to that goal.

iDOME provides Ryan

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Ryan Marx drove iDOMES up to San Francisco

“The shelters could potentially house a family for a short period of time until permanent housing is available,” Madrigal says. “They could be used by FEMA, Red Cross, UNICEF, or Doctors Without Borders, for example.”

And two weeks ago, one of those fires happened.

Madrigal says, “On August 10, I reached out to my good friend Michael Cappooni, President/Founder of GEM to see if iDOME Shelters could donate a few shelters to the Dixie Fire.

“At that time, The Dixie was the second-worst fire in California history and only 21 percent contained. The fire had burned an area much larger than the City of LA and it has devasted communities causing many to be displaced and left homeless.”

But time was of the essence.

“After I reached out to Michael, he immediately got back to me,” says Madrigal. “Get them up here, the time is now. He wanted me to meet him in San Francisco the following morning at the drop-off location no later than 6 a.m. He said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’”

However, normally, Madrigal would have had a much longer period of time to coordinate things. “Okay, I mean I figured I’d have at least a few days to activate the iDOME delivery and not six hours. But I thought no worries, let’s do this!”

iDOME provides Ryan and Michael

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Ryan Marx and Michael Cappooni 

The first move was to find a driver who was willing to leave Laguna and drive through the night to meet up with Michael in San Francisco before 6 a.m. 

Madrigal says, “Fortunately, I knew just the guy, Ryan Marx. As always, Ryan is down for a good cause, and he just needed to get his shift covered at Laguna Surf & Sport – which he did! Ryan is a Laguna native, he’s 22 years old, and besides working at Laguna Surf & Sport, he builds custom choppers. Ryan has been a part of the iDOME family since the beginning. 

“When I asked Ryan to step up and deliver these shelters to Michael Capponi, President of GEM in SF, he didn’t hesitate. He was all in.” 

At 11 p.m., Ryan and Madrigal loaded up his car with the iDOME Shelters, snapped a few photos to document the mission, and Ryan was sent on his way. 

Six hours later, Ryan connected with Michael (on time) and made the transfer – mission completed!

Madrigal reports that later that day, the locals in Oroville helped set up the iDOME for Oliver and his dad, who lost everything in the fire and were starting from scratch. 

iDOME provides residents BLUR OUT T SHIRT

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Michael Cappooni (on left) with Oliver’s dad and Oliver, who lost everything in the fire

“You can see Oliver’s reaction when he walks into the iDOME Shelter on our Instagram @idomeshelters, it’s priceless and the positive response to our mission has been amazing,” says Madrigal. “It has always been our goal to provide our sturdy and safe shelters to those in need which is why we are adding a donation tab to our website (, so people can help provide shelters to families like Oliver’s. 

The Dixie Fire was their first collaboration with GEM, and the families they are housing are very happy with their product. 

“We just committed to donating four shelters to Haiti thru GEM, and we are sending these shelters to Haiti next week,” says Madrigal. 

iDOME is actively working on their next generation of disaster relief shelters to be available for deployment on a massive scale. 

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