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Kempf announces Council candidacy

Sue Kempf is formally announcing her candidacy for a seat on the Laguna Beach City Council. 

A 12-year resident of Laguna Beach, Kempf serves on the City’s Planning Commission. She has been a member of the View Preservation Committee, the Emergency Disaster Preparedness Committee, and presently represents the Planning Commission on the City’s Economic Development Task Force.

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Sue Kempf

Kempf’s candidacy has been the subject of much speculation and considerable encouragement among many long-time friends and supporters. 

Mayor Kelly Boyd [said]: “It is my honor to support Sue for Council. Her service as a current Planning Commissioner and former Chair of the Emergency Disaster Preparedness Committee has been a major asset to our City. She will represent all parts of our community well.”

Among her colleagues on Planning Commission, Kempf is known as collegial, well-informed, and well-prepared.

Planning Commission Chair and enthusiastic supporter Susan Whitin notes: “Her business background gives her the ability to cut through complex issues and her dedication to workable solutions will serve us well on Council.” 

Kempf was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She moved to California where she completed her education with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business, and began her career in software and systems engineering management in the telecom sector, primarily in the wireless industry.

Although Kempf relocated temporarily to the Bay Area for six years at the request of her company, Vodafone Group PLC, she agreed to the transfer only on the condition of a timely return to South County and to her Laguna Beach home. As planned, she returned to South County where she served as President of Mirion Technologies Dosimetry Services for three years before retiring in 2017.

“I love this City!” Kempf said. “There is no place like it, and if I am elected, I will work to keep it safe, friendly, and special.”

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