Guest Column

“Solstice Star” brings new light

By Lauren Meggison, MA, MFA, Ph.D. 

Once heralded as “The Star of Bethlehem,” in 7 B.C, the planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn offers an extremely unique and life-changing Light. Jupiter and Saturn align approximately every 20 years, but this year is different because of their high visibility and proximity to Earth. Additionally, these two great planets formed their “grand conjunction” at the Solstice on December 21, 2020 (yesterday). Hence, the “Solstice Star.”

From Darkness…Light! 

The solstice, which occurs in the heart of winter, is actually the secret birthplace of light. Cross-culturally the winter season brings many festivals that celebrate the return of Light. We have this same correlate in our lives. Our darkest hours often call upon our deepest resources, strengths, and resilience. Life forms in the womb…the seeds of Life grow not on the surface in bright sunlight…but hidden, buried within the ground. 

Athletes well know that Super Bowls and Olympic events seem to be won in the spotlight, but the victory is often first achieved in the vital, but less visible anonymity of the gym. Victory is not the first, but the last thing we often see. This teaches us the strength of consistency and how to persevere. 

The Anaretic Degree

A somewhat less known astrological technique is the emphasis of a sign’s final or “anaretic” degree. Each of the 12 zodiacal signs has 30 degrees that collectively make up the 360-degree wheel of a birth chart. Jupiter and Saturn have recently been passing through the final or 29th degrees of Capricorn, the sign associated with business, government, and traditional structures. We have come to the end of an old order. 

The New Threshold

The “grand conjunction” or conjoining of Jupiter and Saturn became exact on 12-21-2020 at 1:20 p.m. EST as they simultaneously aligned at 0:29 degrees of Aquarius, the Futurist. Capricorn is practicality and status. Aquarius is equality and humanitarian dreams. Each sign can benefit from the other. Capricorn can be tradition-bound to the point of social blindness, whereas Aquarius can be so driven by radical idealism that it does not see the enduring value of having practical plans. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. 

A Balance of Lights 

Astrology is the inner reflection of external astronomical events. The two planets that form the Solstice Star couldn’t be more different from one another. Jupiter is made up of hot air…Saturn’s rings are so cold that they are ice. Jupiter’s warmth is offset by Saturn’s severity. Jupiter is optimism without foundation or plan. In stark contrast, Saturn is running spreadsheets and has a clipboard with a checklist in hand. 

What we are now being asked to do is to balance these qualities within us. Saturn is less. Jupiter is more. We have been asked to curb our excesses and go to our most enduring values. Saturn asks us to cultivate what is lasting, while Jupiter is always out to have fun and more fun. 

We have two teachers, these great planets, which are now aligned. How can we cultivate the seeds of light and hope from this darkness? How can we temper our excesses and realize that we are inherently more valuable than anything we can buy, achieve, or do? The tipping point is now the turning point. 

The Cosmic Close-Up

Astrologically, there are numerous other technical aspects that attend this “grand conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn. One of the most notable is a simultaneous Mars/Pluto square also on December 21st. Outer force meets inner fortitude. January 4th’s Mercury/Pluto contact further intensifies communications. Then from January 6th-8th, three planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) pass through the final degrees of their signs. 

The “grand conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn is also accompanied by a deeply transformative Sun, Venus/Pluto midpoint. It is an ideal time to lay the past to rest. In the economy of our souls, we simply can no longer afford any form of resentment or blame if we want the light of freedom, love, and success. When we offer each other the grace of forgiveness, we are also redeeming ourselves. 

Forever Changed at Depth 

The Sun is now literally setting on the darkest days of the past. A new light is dawning with the passage of Jupiter and Saturn out of traditional Capricorn and into futuristic Aquarius. This shift, however, is not an overnight matter. Strength, integrity, and authenticity are forged, not in a moment, but over time. The powerful planet Pluto will remain in Capricorn as the cosmic gatekeeper to test the purity of our transformation and assure that we will forever carry within us the best parts of change, not just for a season, but for life. 

The Dolly Parton Star

The final or “anaretic” degree of a sign offers power, wisdom, and mastery. The legendary and iconic Dolly Parton, born January 19th, also has her Sun Sign at 29 degrees of Capricorn. She is the epitome of hard work, equality, and quality over time. Perhaps with the current alignment of these great cosmic stars, it is time to give this living legend her cosmic due as a major benefactor of the Moderna vaccine. How about a Nobel Prize in Peace, Literature, or Medicine? 

Dolly Parton has spent a lifetime embodying the principles of completion and mastery that we are now collectively being asked to incorporate into our own lives. While not everyone has the deserved ability to sell out amphitheaters, it’s time for each of us to raise the torch of our individual light and shine. The Solstice Star now gives us this great opportunity to love ourselves and one another and become our best stars.

Lauren Meggison, MA, MFA, Ph.D., is a Professional Astrologer with more than 30 years as a columnist and consulting astrologer in Laguna Beach. 

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