Lifeguard to be honored for heroism


Veteran Laguna Beach Ocean Lifeguard Camron Hauer will be honored by the City Council on Tuesday for saving a young couple from drowning on June 30.

Hauer, who saw the couple swept from the rocks at Middleman’s Beach where they were taking wedding pictures, immediately went to their rescue from the hazardous waters. 

He reached the first victim, who was conscious, and wrapped him in a rescue tube. Then Hauer headed for the female victim, who was floating face down in her wedding gown. 

Hauer kept both victims’ heads above the rough water as he swam them back to shore and pulled them safely onto land with the assistance of other lifeguards.

The city will recognize Hauer’s heroism with a proclamation signed by Mayor Bob Whalen.

Hauer was born and raised in Laguna Beach. He has been a lifeguard for 10 years. He participated in the city’s Junior Lifeguard program, starting when he was 9 years old. He played water polo as a student at Laguna Beach High School.