Disrupted plans reveal a spirit of giving for the Laguna Beach Community Clinic

“If there had been no pandemic, we’d be enjoying the afterglow of a huge celebratory gala to mark our 50th,” stated CEO and Medical Director of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic Dr. Jorge Rubal. Like so many families and businesses, the Clinic’s plans were disrupted. 

“We made the decision in February to postpone our gala scheduled for late May and shift the focus of that department to communications and outreach. We knew it was vital to regularly offer fact-based information to our patients and our community at large,” continued Rubal. 

The Clinic has been working closely with a broad spectrum of community partners to help navigate the City through the crisis and also support a healthy reopening.

Disrupted plans Wayne and Terry

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Courtesy of Paul Allen/LCAD Facebook

Wayne Peterson (on left) with his partner Terry Smith at a 2014 Laguna College of Art + Design event honoring their support

While other community clinics have collapsed due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, the Laguna Beach Community Clinic has been able to stay fully operational without having to lay off any of its staff. 

“We’re fortunate to have a CEO who is both an excellent family physician and has an MBA. Jorge’s business acumen led us, and continues to lead us, through a very challenging time,” stated President of the Board of Directors Mark Orgill.

Dr. Rubal is quick to point out that the generosity of others outweighs his business skills, as illustrated by the recent $100,000 gift from the Wayne Peterson Fund of the Laguna Beach Community Foundation. 

Disrupted plans Roya Cole

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LB Community Clinic Board Member Roya Cole

“I also have to credit board member Roya Cole, her leadership had been phenomenal. She has personally outreached to her friends and associates to share our story and inspire giving,” praised Rubal. Thanks to a flurry of giving in the past two months, the Clinic is closer to reaching its goal of raising $500,000 in 2020. 

“To date we’ve raised nearly $350,000, and we’re feeling pretty good about reaching our goal,” added Rubal. The Clinic plans to use the funds, in part, to add a new family physician to its staff.

The Clinic is located at 362 Third St.

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