2,252 reported cases of COVID-19 in OC: One new reported case in Laguna Beach today

Numbers released by the OC Health Agency today, April 29, reflect that there have been 2,252 reported cases of COVID-19 in Orange County to date, including 108 new cases reported today. There are 37 reported cases of COVID-19 to date in Laguna Beach, including one new reported case today.

Laguna Beach, with a population of 23,358, has the second highest per capita rate in OC at 1.584 cases per thousand residents. Los Alamitos, with a population of 11,721 and 22 reported cases, has the highest per capita rate in OC, with 1.877 cases per thousand residents.

Newport Beach has the third highest per capita rate in OC, with 97 reported cases, 1.113 cases per thousand residents.

Santa Ana is the city with the most cases at 330, with a population of 337,716. Irvine, with a population of 280,202, has 126 cases. Dana Point, with a population of 34,249, has 23 cases.

Sadly, the County reports 44 deaths due to COVID-19, including two deaths today. 175 individuals are currently hospitalized with COVID-19; 70 are currently in ICU.

The County Public Health lab and reporting commercial labs have tested 29,940 people as of today.

The County is not releasing data on the number of individuals who have tested negative following a positive test at this time.

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Courtesy of OC Health Care Agency

Orange County COVID-19 case data, as of April 29;

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