Laguna Beach – A Look Back

Courtesy of Laguna Beach Historical Society

In 1913, the Jahraus family built and incorporated the Laguna Beach Lumber Company, and built this iconic structure on what is now 3rd and Forest.

They started providing over 90 percent of the lumber, hardware, and paint to the town’s early settlers and homesteaders.

During the building boom of the 1970s, the city convinced the Lumberyard to move into the Canyon, to avoid the large trucks and sawing at the mill next to the building. In 2001, the Lumberyard sold to Ganahl Lumber, which still occupies that canyon property. 

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The Lumberyard is one of Laguna Beach’s most iconic structures

The Normandy style building on 3rd became the Ivy House Restaurant (ivy was growing over the sides), and later Cedar Creek. In 2008, local businessman Cary Redfearn brought in local architect Gregg Abel, son of the Lumberyard’s original designer Chris Abel, to bring the Lumberyard back to life.

The remainder of the old mill became the Lumberyard Mall, a wonderful place to now sit and people watch.

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