City kicks off “Keepin’ It Clean” campaign to keep beaches and public areas cleaner

The City of Laguna Beach is pleased to announce the start of its 2019 “Keepin’ It Clean Laguna, Leave No Trash Behind” anti-litter campaign. 

The annual “Keepin’ It Clean, Laguna” outreach aims to urge visitors to dispose of their waste and recyclables responsibly, especially at the receptacles located at the top of the City’s beach access stairways and along Coast Highway. 

City kicks sign

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

This sign reminds us to please keep our beaches and ocean clean 

The anti-litter outreach reinforces the City’s initiatives to keep our beautiful beaches and public areas clean and free of trash by the following efforts:

--Over 600 trash and recycling containers are placed throughout the City in public places

--Additional trashcans and signage have been placed at frequently visited beach accesses and sites along Coast Highway

--Contract services have been added to empty the trash receptacles at beach approaches, Main Beach, Heisler Park, and Coast Highway twice a day during the summer starting on July 1

--Enhanced restroom cleaning at Heisler Park and Main Beach and increased pressure washing in the downtown area began this month through the end of September

“This outreach is an attention-grabbing educational effort to encourage visitors to use the 600 trashcans and recycling containers placed throughout the City for trash disposal,” said Shohreh Dupuis, Assistant City Manager/Director of Public Works. “Through these additional efforts, we are providing all of our visitors the opportunity to pitch in and do their part to keep our town clean.”

The City’s efforts range from placing signs near trash receptacles and a social media campaign encouraging visitors to dispose of their trash in receptacles located on beach accesses and public places. 

This is the City’s second year of the campaign, which aims to promote public awareness on community cleanliness, environmental protection, and effective use of provided trash disposal resources.