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 Volume 14, Issue 51  |  June 28, 2022

Catmosphere Laguna, Orange County’s First Cat Café, to open in Laguna Beach this summer

Catmosphere Laguna, Orange County’s first Cat Café, will open this summer in Laguna Beach. Founded by Gail Allyn Landau, Catmosphere Laguna will serve as both a community café and a foster home for adoptable cats and kittens. Originating in Taiwan in 1998, cat cafés have since become a global phenomenon, inspiring similar business models to open across Japan, London, and most recently, the US. 

As the county’s first cat café, Landau believes Catmosphere Laguna will bring an increase in feline adoptions and provide improved lives and futures for kitties awaiting their “furr-ever” homes. 

Catmosphere Laguna has partnered with the Laguna Woods Cat Club, Laguna Beach Animal Shelter, Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, and local feline rescues to serve as a foster home for healthy cats and kittens with the goal of placing them in their forever homes. 

While awaiting adoption, Catmosphere Laguna provides a sanctuary for felines, giving them the freedom to roam, play, and interact with cat lovers in an environment that feels like home. 

“Catmosphere is more than just a novelty café; we are changing the way rescue facilities find homes for their felines by offering adoptable cats and kittens in a living-room-like environment,” says proprietor Landau, a Laguna Beach local and self-proclaimed lifelong cat lady. “Our efforts embrace and promote the ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ ethos of the feline rescue community.” 

Catmosphere Laguna Gail

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Gail Landau, owner of Catmosphere

After paying the admission fee ($22 for adults and $12 for children ages 6-17), guests may enter the Kitty Lounge. The café and lounge are separated by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. In the lounge, adoptable felines can enjoy the Laguna Beach lifestyle with a 6’4” palm tree scratching post, a wave mural with surfboard resting nooks, and kitty relaxation hammocks. 

A 24-hour live “Kitty Kam” will broadcast the activity on Catmosphere Laguna’s website listed below, as well as onto a monitor inside the café. 

The café at Catmosphere Laguna offers a menu of sweet and savory toasts, salads, and snacks designed by restaurant consultant Caroline Smile, who brings over 20 years of culinary and hospitality experience to Catmosphere Laguna. The café will also feature coffee and tea, as well as beer, wine, and champagne by the glass.   


Main Beach – Nutella with strawberries & bananas 

Laguna Breeze – avocado, mango, lime, chili & mint 

Sunset – beet hummus, avocado, arugula, cumin 

Sunrise – almond butter, apple, almond & cinnamon 

French – butter & jam   

Salads & Sides:  

Tuxedo – mesclun, toasted almonds, dates, cheddar, balsamic dressing 

Tabby – spinach, mango, avocado, red onion, lime vinaigrette 

Calico – arugula, sliced grapes, shaved Parmesan, walnuts, lemon & EVOO 

Trio of Cheeses – select cheese, honey, fruit 

Bread & EVOO 

Catmosphere Laguna

Patrons who fall in love and want to adopt can easily fill out adoption paperwork inside the café. A minimum of two visits are required before adoption completion, and pre-adoption home checks will be required in most circumstances. One hundred percent of the adoption proceeds benefit the medical care, treatment, and well-being of Catmosphere Laguna’s cats and kittens. 

“We have been overwhelmed with support and excitement from our Laguna Beach community as well as eager visitors from all over the world,” adds Landau. “Catmosphere Laguna will provide an experience that supports and enhances the Laguna Beach reputation as an outstanding coastal destination.”

Catmosphere Laguna is available for walk-in appointments, as space permits, and private parties. The Kitty Lounge can accommodate up to 12 guests and 12 felines at a time. Landau will partner with local businesses to bring Yoga with Kitties, Feline Reiki, book clubs and more, with special offers for seniors and students. Reservations are available by the hour with a two-hour maximum and can be made in advance online.   

        Catmosphere Laguna is Orange County’s first cat café and lounge. Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, Catmosphere Laguna is both a community café and a foster home for adoptable cats and kittens. Founder Gail Allyn Landau envisions Catmosphere Laguna as serving a mission to save cats and kittens from euthanasia, increase feline adoptions, and provide improved lives and futures for homeless cats. 

        Catmosphere Laguna is located at 381 Forest Ave., and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the last bookable appointment at 5 p.m. 

For more information, visit or connect with Catmosphere Laguna on Facebook or Instagram at @catmosphere_laguna.

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