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Fair Game


Fire season is on the horizon…are you prepared at your home? Council calls town hall to discuss

TJ headshot AugAfter rain, more rain and more rain during 2023, vegetation is alive and plentiful in our hills and canyons surrounding Laguna Beach. It presents huge potential problems for fire risk.

In response to this concern, our Laguna Beach City Council has called a Wildland Fire Preparedness Town Hall Meeting for this coming Tuesday, Sept. 19 in the City Council Chambers from 5-8 p.m.

The purpose is to “inform the community about wildfire threats and discuss mitigation efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of community members."

This is an “informational meeting for the public, (in) which there will be no deliberation, nor will there be any formal action taken by the Laguna Beach City Council. While there may be incidental discussion of city business, the City Council will not be deliberating as a governing body of the City of Laguna Beach. Any discussion of public business is purely incidental to the town hall discussions.”

Still, it’s hugely important to become ready because the time will come.

You may also watch the town hall streamed live via the city’s website at www.lagunabeachcity.net/meetings; via Cox cable on channel 852; or via Zoom at https://lagunabeachcity.zoom.us/j/91641723096

• • •

The Social Safety Net Tour is an important event taking place tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 16) from 9-11 a.m. and hosted by the City’s Housing and Human Services Committee.

Seven local nonprofit organizations that work to provide a variety of needed services within the community will open their doors to community members to tour facilities, ask questions and learn from staff members how they can use, refer, or support these crucial local nonprofits.

Residents can visit all seven nonprofits at three sites. Here’s the plan: On Third Street, in and around the Susi Q Senior Center, find out more about Laguna Beach Seniors, which offers a wide array of programs and services for older adults; Seaside Legal Services, which is available for free legal help to those with civil cases who cannot afford representation; Sally’s Fund, offering assisted and escorted transportation services for seniors and disabled individuals; Be Well, the new Laguna Beach partnership bringing mobile mental health services to the community via a two-year pilot program and the Laguna Beach Community Clinic which provides medical care to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Mosey up Laguna Canyon Road and visit the Laguna Food Pantry, which offers free, fresh, nutritious groceries to anyone in need; and the Friendship Shelter, a 45-bed alternative sleeping location for unhoused adults.

Obviously, all of these services are there for those in need, and while, hopefully, most of you might not need them, they’re great to have available for our community and for those in need of assistance.

• • •

UC Irvine students who are passionate about music, even if they are not music majors, can now apply for scholarships, thanks to a $100,000 pledge from The Drake Gives, a charitable organization founded by commercial developer and local restaurateur Alec Glasser.

“We believe that music is a fundamental part of the soul and it can be applied in many different contexts,” said Glasser, adding that the scholarships will go to students who plan to infuse music in their future careers.

Glasser, who owns The Drake Restaurant in Laguna Beach, learned to play saxophone, clarinet and flute in public schools in New York where he grew up. He believes everyone should have a chance to study and enjoy music even if they don’t become musicians.

UCI and Glasser are working on additional collaborations to further efforts to manifest the power of music in society, locally and abroad.

Glasser named his restaurant after the famed Drake Hotel in New York, where he worked as an elevator operator and bellman in his younger days.

• • •

Laguna Beach artist and long-time Sawdust Festival exhibitor Rosalie Marsh-Boinus has been invited to showcase her landscape paintings and prints in the Sherman Library & Gardens Gift Shop, beginning today, September 15.

Her paintings have been inspired by her photographs taken while traveling around the world. Their presentation also coincides with the autumnal equinox and fall foliage, flowers and plants.

Sherman Gardens, of course, is an inspiring horticultural oasis and nationally renowned botanical garden in Corona del Mar, open between 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

You can view a sampling of Rosalie’s impressive work at www.designsbyrosalie.com.

For more information on Sherman Library & Gardens go to https://thesherman.org.

• • •

Speaking of art…most everyone has one of those, “I wonder what that’s worth?” pieces. Well, the Laguna Art Museum tomorrow (September 16) is planning something close to the Antiques Roadshow from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Locals can bring in up to five items of fine art, antiques, silver, jewelry and more, to receive a free verbal auction valuation.

The cost to attend is $20 for members and $30 for non-members, with all proceeds benefiting the Museum.

John Moran, Auctioneers & Appraisers will be on hand to offer their insight.

• • •

Okay, raise your hand if you can say, “I’m attending my “100-year” high school reunion.” (See my raised hand.)

Now, as Newport Beach Fire Chief Jeff Boyles chuckled and said Wednesday evening when I told him about it, “Oh, so you’re 118 years old.”


My high school (Amador) in Pleasanton, Calif. is turning 100 years old and ALL classes over the years have been invited back to town for a parade down Main Street this afternoon, to the high school football game tomorrow night, a pancake breakfast Saturday morning and a concert in the park Saturday afternoon featuring a guy from my high school class.

The group is called Teddy & the Ten-Speeds and they’re supposed to be very good.

To be honest, I’m kind of excited…my graduating class of ’71 was I believe less than 250 people, so you knew pretty much everyone.

My biggest regret is only starting my diet three days in advance, rather than six months ago. Hopefully, they won’t get past my balding head and face full of wrinkles to notice my over-sized middle.

I guess that’s what the years do to you, which reminds me of one of Mickey Mantle’s great sayings, “If I knew I was going to live this long I would’ve taken better care of myself.”

The fun part is that I’m doing it with my brother who was in the class ahead of me.

And, all those gorgeous young girls I remember walking the Amador halls those many years ago between classes, they’re also 70! Boy, where has the time gone!

• • •

It’s arguably one of the foremost gatherings of chefs, wineries and restaurants when they all come together for Chef Masters at Festival of Arts on Sunday, Sept. 24. It’s a casual, fun setting, with great wine and delicious food.

Oh, and it benefits Unconditional, the local group that joins with others to rescue dogs seemingly challenged at finding another home to share love in and live life. You see, some of these dogs are disabled, perhaps in need of back wheels to scoot, or have a loss of eyesight, etc. Others might just be older. But one thing all have in common is that they still have time left to live, love and share a home with others.

Fair Game SNL B& W Frenchie 9.15

Click on photo for a larger image

Courtesy of Unconditional

Don’t take my word for it…meet this 3-year-old Frenchie named Poppy…one of a number of those looking for their forever home

I witnessed it firsthand last year at this very event, seeing some of these so-called challenged dogs moving around, wagging their tails and exhibiting huge doggie smiles.

It touched my heart.

If you’d care to purchase tickets to support this special fundraiser, go here.


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