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Bridge unveiling ceremony to honor fallen LBPD Officer Jon Coutchie

The City of Laguna Beach, the Laguna Beach Police Department and State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Huntington Beach) invite the community to Laguna Beach to witness the dedication of the Aliso Creek Bridge as the Officer Jon Coutchie Memorial Bridge, in recognition of fallen Laguna Beach Police Officer Jon Steven Coutchie.

The bridge unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 21 from 10-11 a.m. It is located a 31132 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach.

Officer Jon Steven Coutchie, an Army veteran and Laguna Beach Police Department Motor Officer, displayed unwavering commitment to his community. Tragically, he lost his life in the line of duty on September 21, 2013, pursuing a recklessly driven vehicle. In recognition of Officer Coutchie’s heroic legacy, Senator Janet Nguyen introduced a resolution designating the Aliso Creek Bridge as the Officer Jon Coutchie Memorial Bridge.

Bridge unveiling Coutchie

Submitted photo

Fallen Laguna Beach Police Officer Jon Steven Coutchie

“Caring for our communities and honoring those who selflessly serve within them, such as Officer Jon Coutchie, reminds us of the enduring strength and resilience that bind us together in times of challenge and loss. Their dedication inspires us to come together and work towards a brighter and safer future for everyone,” said Senator Janet Nguyen.

“By naming the Aliso Bridge in honor of Laguna Beach Police Officer Jon Coutchie, we continue his legacy, honor his family and his name, and ensure no one forgets his sacrifice to this community,” said Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen.

Join this unveiling ceremony at the Aliso Creek Bridge, as we remember Officer Jon Coutchie’s dedication to public safety and honor his sacrifice. This event promises to be a touching tribute to Officer Coutchie, bringing together community members, law enforcement officials, and elected representatives to remember and honor his legacy.


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