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Singles seeking friendship might want to check out Susi Q’s “Meet Up” for Beginner Bridge

Forming friendships when you’re older or retired isn’t always easy. But there’s a simple way to find like-minded folk who enjoy laughing, chatting, learning and sharing common interests, according to Gold Life Master & ACBL accredited instructor Jane Dober, who has been teaching bridge at the Susi Q for the last 10 years.

Dober is deeply passionate about the game and known for offering positive, supportive classes tailored to newbies, often people who’ve never played any card games before.

“Come to my beginning bridge class, where you’ll find people who enjoy great conversations about all kinds of things, from kids and grandkids to good restaurants and movies, while learning the basics of modern bridge in a non-competitive environment,” she urges.

“There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, intimidating about our class,” she added. “Just the opposite, it’s a very welcoming group and you don’t need a partner to attend. We have fun while we learn – and I learn from my students, too! Every bridge hand is different, offering a new, fascinating challenge.

“If you like solving puzzles, you’ll love bridge, and if you want to meet new friends, the Susi Q’s the place to be.”

The New “Meet Up” Beginning Bridge starts on Monday, Oct. 2 through Monday, Nov. 6 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. The fee for the six classes is $120. Each class has a short lesson followed up by pre-dealt boards to play. Click here to register for “Meet Up” Beginner Bridge.

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Fun at the bridge table with Jane Dober

Dober, whose enthusiasm and energy are infectious, said that bridge is comparable to sports like golf and tennis, which offer the opportunity to either compete at a higher level or simply have a good time – and the latter is the emphasis in her classes.

“I’ve seen lifetime friendships develop through bridge. Many people return again and again because of the fun we have at the Susi Q – there are people from Washington state, and some from Arizona, who come here only in the summer and join my classes,” she noted.

Dober makes the point that bridge has evolved over the years, and that there are many avenues to continue playing even if you don’t have a regular partner. She often plays bridge online “with three robots” she points out.

“So if you aren’t the sociable type, but love puzzles, that’s an option too. Come to my class and join the fun!”

To register by phone, call 949.715.8105. Click here to register online for “Meet Up” Beginner Bridge.

The Susi Q, located at 380 Third St., Laguna Beach, offers a wide range of educational and fun programs, classes and clubs for older adults – though all ages are welcome. The Susi Q’s Care Management Department provides free consultation, education and practical resources for vulnerable seniors, enabling them to stay safe, informed and independent.

For more information on The Susi Q, the portal to access the best of Laguna’s community resources, visit www.thesusiq.org.


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