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Joëlle Blouin: Shades of Summer opening reception at The Signature Gallery on September 16

On Saturday, Sept. 16, internationally acclaimed artist, Joëlle Blouin will reveal a new body of abstract originals showcasing her iconic style of “Urban Cubism” at The Signature Gallery in Laguna Beach. Join the celebration of life and art during Blouin’s opening reception for her show, Shades of Summer, from 6-8:30 p.m. at 220 Forest Ave. Every piece on display was inspired by the vibrant hues of the season.

Be one of the first to see the new summer collection from Blouin and “Meet the Artist” at The Signature Gallery, located one block away from Main Beach. During the VIP opening reception, attendees will enjoy a sensational showcase of artwork against a backdrop of ambient lounge music from DJ Katrina Essence, accompanied by a delightful serving of pink Champagne and appetizers.

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Photos courtesy of The Signature Gallery

Joëlle Blouin showcases her style of “Urban Cubism” on September 16

Blouin is a French-Canadian artist who was born in Quebec City, Canada, in 1985. A passion for fine art and design fueled her ambitions to create her artistic style and pursue becoming a full-time artist. Following her first solo exhibition, she began exhibiting artwork in multiple galleries throughout Canada and rapidly expanded into the international market. Her work has received global recognition and in 2014, she was granted a rare, extraordinary ability Visa by the U.S. government which allows her to live and work in the states more permanently.

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Blouin blends and mixes her paints directly on the canvas using only a palette knife

In 2015, Joelle was awarded 1st prize while attending Artexpo New York with The Signature Gallery, launching her already explosive art career to new heights. With high demand for her work, Blouin has met every mark during her rapid success after being named one of the “Top 40 Artists to Watch” in Art Business News Magazine.

Her signature painting technique combines influences from cubism with urban art to create her unique style known as “Urban Cubism.” She blends and mixes her paints directly on her canvas using only a palette knife. The cubic texturing results are rich and captivating. The strokes of her palette knife give the artwork a three-dimensional quality which allows her to express her responses to the energy and soul of the urban environment. The paint lifts off the canvas creating shadows and giving the overall dimension and depth to the art. Her bold and modern colors deliver a distinctive architectural perspective.

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Blouin’s style is known as “Urban Cubism”

Entirely self-taught, Blouin’s success is a consequence of, not only her skill and talent but also, her determination to constantly challenge herself as a professional artist. It is this high level of drive that has led her to experiment with painting, media and processes to develop a genuinely unique approach to her art. Committed to design and with extraordinary vision, Blouin is described as an “energetic, go-getter who can transform her dreams into art.” She currently resides in Southern California, painting in her studio each day and enjoying every moment as a wife and a mother to two young girls, while pursuing her desire to communicate profound visions of beauty to the world.


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