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Volume 15, Issue 23  | March 21, 2023Subscribe

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R Star shares 2022 successes

R Star Foundation, a 100% volunteer-run organization, serves and educates the women and children of Nepal.

During 2022, R Star Foundation’s successes and accomplishments included:

–Gifted a rural school in Nepal with 50 new Samsung tablets which are serving 500 children a week. The computer program delighted the children, as education is the way out of poverty.

R Star shares students

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Photos courtesy of R Star

A computer class where Nepal students are using Samsung tablets

–Coached Myriam, 16, a Malibu high school student for a New York Times summer writing camp she was invited to. She presented information about period stigmas, quite common in Nepal villages.

–After more than 2 1/2 years, R Star was involved in the collaboration of better roads being completed to Nepal villages. “It is so much easier for the villagers to get their produce to market because of the roads,” said Rabindra who oversaw the project.

R Star shares Rabindra

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A smiling Rabindra, who oversaw the road work and water projects

–R Star’s water project, another collaboration with the government, now benefits 350 homes, completed after two years. It was also overseen by Rabindra, who manages R Star’s ongoing projects in Nepal. A planned celebration was enjoyed by the government officials and the residents, who received water to their homes in the Kavre District. No longer do the women and children have to hike five times a day for water, trudging up and down slippery hills for the day’s water, regardless of the climate. About 81% of Nepal’s population (30 million people) lacks access to safe water. Your tax-deductible contribution can provide clean water for a family and all the improved health they can enjoy.

R Star shares women

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R Star passed on goats to single women in the municipality of Nomo. Rosalind Russell, CEO and founder of R Star, is pictured kneeling (center).

–Many rural villages requested R Star’s program for goats and microfinancing. Although the delivery has been slowed because of elections and the time to purchase goats, delivery is expected soon to two selected villages. R Star’s successful 20-year goat program has directly benefited women and their families with increased financial independence.

–R Star worked with the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary which received a $60,210 global grant from Rotary International for drinking water and a sanitation station in R Star’s single women’s village – Kapuradhunga. The clean water project is in process with a completion date expected the later part of 2023.

Raised $3,000 through three mini-fundraisers.

–Received grants from Soroptimists ($1,000) and First Church of San Juan Capistrano ($3,400).

–Donors independently gifted funds monthly or at their will for R Star programs.

–R Star sent Christmas cards to all our donors and supporters and sent out all donor letters by year end.

R Star Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization. Gifts go directly to their projects, as they are volunteer based. To reach them, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 949.497.4911 and visit


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